[SACSO] Academy Batch #09: Academy Schedule [Recruitment Status: CLOSED]

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[SACSO] Academy Batch #09: Academy Schedule [Recruitment Status: CLOSED]

Postby SA County Sheriff's Office » September 27th, 2017, 6:12 pm

Recruitment Status
Recruitment Status: CLOSED

Academy Batch #09 Schedule Recruitment Opening: May 10th 2019, Saturday - 11:00 AM [GMT] / 12:00 PM [BST] / (May 10th, 2019) 05:00 AM [CST]
Recruitment Closing: May 18th 2019, Saturday - 12:00 PM [GMT] / 12:00 PM [BST] / (May 10th, 2019) 05:00 AM [CST]

Academy Session #1: May 25th 2019, Saturday - 08:00 PM [GMT] / 09:00 PM [BST] / 11:00 AM [CST] /
Academy Session #2: May 26th 2019, Sunday - 08:00 PM [GMT] / 09:00 PM [BST] / 11:00 AM [CST] /

Academy Examination Handout: May 28th 2019, Tuesday

Field Training Induction: June 3rd 2019, Monday - 07:00 PM [GMT] / 08:00 PM [BST] / 10:00 AM [CST] /
Field Training Conclusion: June 13th 2019, Thursday
Graduation Ceremony: June 16th 2019, Sunday - 07:00 PM [GMT] / 08:00 PM [BST] / 10:00 PM [CST] /

1. (( All times indicated on the schedule are based on Greenwich Mean Time [GMT], British Summer Time [BST], and Central Standard Time [CST]. Refer to your local time via the [Local Time] conversion links beside. ))
2. (( Before applying, please ensure that you are able to maintain a great level of activity from the day you submit your application until the end of probationary period, which lasts for approximately ten days. If you cannot commit to the academy schedule, it is advised that you submit your application on a future batch instead. ))
3. Applicants must complete the recruitment stage before the closing date and time. Extensions will no longer be given to those who apply near the recruitment closing.
4. If you are going to be unavailable on the day and time of the academy sessions, it is advised that you apply on a future batch as we do not offer private academies.
6. This schedule is subject to change at any time.

Recruitment and Training Command StaffDirector of Recruitment: Assistant Sheriff Evelyn Lockhart
Deputy Director of Recruitment: Vacant

Director of Academic Training: First Lieutenant Christian Underwood
Deputy Director of Academic Training:

Director of Field Training: Sergeant Nathan Harding
Deputy Director of Field Training: Master Deputy Cody Llamas

Director of Recruitment & Training: Assistant Sheriff Evelyn Lockhart

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