May Newsletter

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Retired High Command
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May Newsletter

Postby Jake Anderson » June 3rd, 2018, 2:57 am


Opening Words

Dear All,

I hope this finds you all well and excited for another newsletter.
The previous month has been extremely tough and this has been noted by all of the Executive & Command Team. Also the amount of 911 calls being answered is on the rise, which over the last couple of months was a massive issue - It's in our best interest to continue in this manner as the Executive and Command team can see the public's trust is growing on a daily basis to which is great.

To conclude this short but sweet introduction and let you continue reading and look at the bulks (cause that's all we are interested in), I would personally like to apologise for my absence over the last month. Not many of you know what's going on but I will be out of the county for a while to rectify these issues that have come up for me.

I wish you all the best and let's keep pushing forward and let us keep getting better.

Assistant Sheriff Adam Hobbs


A personal message from Hobbs: show
This is OOC ((To follow to what I said in the introduction, I'm currently going through clinical depression to which is causing me to not do anything apart from go to bed I'm currently seeking help for this and I'm hoping to come back fighting fit once again within a few weeks, I love you all and I will be a on LOA for next few weeks.))

Desk of the Sheriff

The Desk of the Sheriff is gonna be a new part of the newsletter that I've decided to do. This part of the newsletter will always be something directly from me to the members of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office. This part will contain the many different changes, as well as thoughts and opinions from myself. Without further ado, the first From the Desk of the Sheriff.


Earlier this month administration brought up the teamspeak changes, regarding talk power. I've kept an eye on things and these are a few things I noticed: Radio communication improved, 911 calls were responded to more often, calls that were finished were cleared, and quality of roleplay improved slightly. It's not all positive though, the changes upset many of you, leading to a drop in on duty deputies during peak hours, I also feel this dropped morale departmental wise, supervisory units, including command staff, would simply sit in their offices and RP from there so that they could talk to who they needed to talk to, I didn't punish for this as I felt that calling you gentlemen out in the newsletter would be better. Everything makes its way to me eventually.

So to find that very important balance between rules, and too many rules. I've decided to bring back talk power to the channels. With this reversion comes a few new rules. The channels are to now be treated as OOC channels. Whispers are the exception here. In this regards, no more "Hey man I'm over at stacks mind giving me a hand." we've all done it, to say you haven't means you're either a perfectionist or a liar. As stated above, these channels are now considered OOC, meaning if you do make an IC statement it will be treated as metagame. Supervisory and Command Staff are going to be tasked with randomly joining bulky channels from time to time to make sure no MG is going on. If Supervisory+ catches you metagaming, you will be reported to myself or Holmes where you will be dishonorably discharged and will be given a dateban from the server. I would perfer if other administrators in the SACSO stay out of these situations and leave it to Holmes or I to resolve.

I hope to see the improved quality of roleplay, responsiveness to calls, and active /r to continue, if these standards happen to drop again, we will return to the muted channels. This is not a threat it's a promise.

This month I have asked the Recruitment Unit to do something a little different. Instead of holding recruitment open for a certain amount of time, I've decided to hold recruitment open until we get a certain amount of people. This will prevent issues like the previous batch that consisted of a grand total of 4 deputies. Let that sink in for a second there was 4 deputies that went through that batch, that's not a good number for sustaining a decent number of members. Moving on recruitment will remain until this number is met, then soon after it will close. I look forward to this batch and the deputies it will bring to the department, I'm looking forward to working with them all.


I've kept the majority of the department in the dark on the new prison. I can faithfully announce that the Prison mapping is finished and we should see it implemented into the server very soon. The new prison will replace the SACSO Field Ops building. The county prison will be smaller than Greenpalms, which will be soon deconstructed and the land most likely sold. The new prison has many amenities, such as a Sally-Port, which is in short a garage you drive into, the door shuts behind you, and you can bring your suspect or prisoner inside the prison without going through a high traffic area such as the DSO garage, or an easily intercepted area like the side entrance of DSO. Warden Sobo has been informed about the very soon coming County Prison and has been preparing for it.


With the SACSO Field Ops building being replaced this will displace the Investigative Services Unit. Luckily, we have acquired the garages and accompanying buildings to the right of the Field-Ops building. If everything goes according to plan this building will be converted into a new facility for SACSO, this building will house several units, mainly being Investigative Services, SWAT, and the Warrant Execution Team. Not only will the facility house the offices for the different units, this building will also house the garage for the fleets of all the units housed in the building. More information regarding this building will follow in the coming weeks.

Monthly Awards

Sergeant of the Month
Sergeant of the Month for May is Staff Sergeant Noah Arnett

The Supervisor of the Month Awardee this month, voted on by our Command staff and a tie-breaker with a member of the Executive staff goes to Staff Sergeant Noah Arnett. This Supervisor as we all have seen comes on and busts his ass, he keeps things in the field organized and professional. ((On a side note, the RP this person performs is immaculate.)) We appreciate everything Mr. Arnett does for this department and the community he works hard to serve. The personal cruiser is awarded to him for the month as well as a $50,000 cash prize!

Deputy of the Month
Every month we recognize the Deputy that we feel has put the most effort in, and has gone beyond the line of duty multiple times during the month.

Deputy of the Month
The Deputy of the Month for May is Deputy Jonathan Donaldson

The Supervisory Staff and Command Staff have voted this month and our monthly awardee for Deputy of the Month goes to Deputy Jonathan Donaldson. Throughout the month this deputy has worked hard in the field, PSU members commend him for the work he puts in and the effort. We love to see this from out NCO's. Hard and effort pay off in the end. The monthly award this go around will be a personal cruiser for Mr. Donaldson and a cash payment of $50,000! Keep up the good work boss!

Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mentions is where we recognize those who have put in noticeable effort and work into the department and deserve to be reognized, each member listed below is rewarded $10,000 for their efforts, please contact a member of the Command Staff or Executive Staff to receive your pay.
Ryan Harper
Information: Good field work, good roleplay with the community. Keep it up boss.

Eric Matthews
Information: The Supervisor of the Month title was a tie between you and Arnett, keep doing what you do and you'll go far. Great supervisor.

Zofia Kaczmarek
Information: While the suspensions you have received aren't good, the quality of RP you provide is excellent. Shout out to you.

Peter Oktaba
Information: May no Sanchez go unchased by you my man. Willingness to chase down those people is commendable in my eyes.

Alexander Avramovich
Information: Issued the most traffic citations for the month of May with a total of 24.(+5k bonus).

Brad Roth
Information: Second in most issued citations for the month of May with 21. (+2.5k bonus)

Keep up the good work,
Undersheriff Albert Holmes

Bulk Promotions

Congratulations to the following deputies for their hard work and dedication throughout the month of May!

Image Deputy Sheriff I -> Image Deputy Sheriff II
Alexander Avramovich
Benjamin Scott
Evan Gordon
James Hucken
Jessica Taylor
Peter Oktaba
Raymond Cooper
Romeo Davidson
Ryan Matthews
Zofia Kaczmarek

Image Deputy Sheriff II -> Image Deputy Sheriff III
Christopher Foster
Jacob Hadley

Image Deputy Sheriff III -> Image Corporal
Brad Roth

Employee Stats

Employee Statistics

Executive Staff - 4
Image Sheriff - 1
Image Undersheriff - 1
Image Assistant Sheriff - 2

Command Staff - 6
Image Major - 0
Image Captain - 0
Image Lieutenants (1Lt&2Lt) - 4

Supervisory Staff - 11
Master Sergeant - 0
Staff Sergeant CiT - 0
Staff Sergeant - 3
Sergeant - 7
Corporal (Sergeant in Training) - 1

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers - 12
Corporal - 4
Deputy Sheriff III - 8

Junior Non-Commissioned Officers - 43
Deputy Sheriff II - 12
Deputy Sheriff I - 31
Deputy Sheriff Generalist - 0

Civilian Roles - 0 (0%)
San Andreas Correctional Deputy

Overall Employees - 76 (- 4)
Plus and minus statistics are as per previously released newsletter.

Seizure Stats

Firearms Seized

9mm Pistol: Two (2)
Desert Eagle: Five (5)
Silenced Pistol: Eight (8)

Shotgun: Two (2)
Sawn-Off Shotgun: Zero (0)

Submachine Guns
MAC-10(Micro Uzi): Two (2)
TEC-9: Four (4)
MP5: One (1)

Assault Rifles
AK-47: Zero (0)
M4: Zero (0)

Country Rifle: Three (3)
Substances Seized

Cocaine: 0 grams
Weed: 0 grams
Heroin: 0 grams
Value of Seizures: $1,187,000 USD.
*All seizure statistics are correct as of 17:00, 1st May 2018.

Divisional Stats
| Traffic Enforcement Unit |

In the period of May - June 2018 there were 56 traffic citations isssued. The highest number of citations isssued was in and around Palomino Creek area, totaling up to (49.1%) with Montgomery following behind with (25.5%).

Traffic Citation Statistics:
The highest number of citations issued was due to Speeding (23 | 41.8%) this month, with Failure to Yield offences coming in second (12 | 21.8%) and Driving without Headlights following behind with (10 | 18.2%). The State has issued a total of $138,250 this month to drivers who have committed road offences.

Vehicle Citation Statistics:
  • Motorcycle(s) - 18.5%
  • Coupe(s) - 25.9%
  • Sedan(s) - 22.2%
  • Pickup(s) - 1.9%
  • SUV(s) - 13%
  • Light Commercial Vehicle(s) - 11.6%
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle(s) - 5.6%
  • Government Vehicle(s) - 1.9%
  • Agricultural Vehicle(s) - 0.0%

Issued Citation Statistics:
  • Careless Driving - 12.7%
  • Driving a Damaged Vehicle - 10.9%
  • Driving a With a Suspended License - 1.8%
  • Driving without A License - 3.6%
  • Driving without Headlights - 18.2%
  • Failure to Yield - 21.8%
  • Illegal U-Turn - 3.6%
  • Improper Parking - 0.0%
  • Obstructing A License Plate - 1.8%
  • Operating A Motorbike Without A Helmet - 9.1%
  • Reckless Driving - 12.7%
  • Use of Cellular Devices During Traffic - 0.0%
  • Tailgating - 0.0%
  • Speeding - 41.8%

Citation Location Statistics:
  • Dillimore - 0.0%
  • Palomino Creek - 49.1%
  • Montgomery - 25.5%
  • Blueberry - 0.0%
  • Fort Carson - 0.0%
  • Route 25 - 0.0%
  • Route 26 - 0.0%
  • Route 127 - 0.0%
  • Route 226 - 0.0%
  • 425 N - 0.0%
  • 425 E - 0.0%
  • 425 W - 1.8%
  • 425 S - 0.0%
  • Route 207 - 1.8%
  • Route 87 - 0.0%
  • Route 85 - 0.0%
  • Route 48 - 12.7%
  • Route 46 - 7.3%
  • Route 19 - 0.0%
  • Route 17 - 0.0%
  • Route 15 - 0.0%
  • Route 13 - 0.0%
  • Route 11 - 1.8%
  • Route 9 - 0.0%
  • Route 7 - 0.0%
  • Route 4 - 0.0%
  • Route 3 - 0.0%
  • Route 2 -0.0%
  • Route 1 - 0.0%

We hope that this information will encourage road users to take more care while driving on the road, especially in the areas of speed and yielding at intersections.
Closing Words

Thank you for reading this months newsletter, there has been plenty of positive achievements both within units and by employees who've received promotions as a result so I pass my congratulations on to you. I'd like to thank you all for your patience this month, we've had a few challenges with the implementation of new changes and updates to the way we run our department. TeamSpeak protocols have hit the system hard this month and it's been interesting to see how you have all adapted to this new way of operating. The mandatory muted duty channels are still under evaluation and the Executive Staff team will be reviewing this in the next few days. As always your opinions and suggestions are always valued and read, please continue to post them in the relevant board for you to have your say. Continue the hard work in the field and administratively, i'd like to see the promotions list gradually increase in size as the months go on, so keep on top of posting your reports and it'll pay off in the long run!

On behalf of the Executive and Command Staff teams, have a great month and we'll have another newsletter for you at the same time, same place on the 1st of July.

Assistant Sheriff Christopher Kenway
Director of Operational Support
San Andreas County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Department Head
Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since 2016.
Si vis pacem, para bellum
Qui audet adipiscitur

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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Romeo Davidson » June 3rd, 2018, 2:57 am


RETIRED Deputy Sheriff III Romeo Davidson
Ex - Recruitment Unit - Junior Recruitment Officer
Ex - Traffic Enforcement Unit - Junior Traffic Officer
Ex - Weapon Licensing Unit - Licensing Officer
Ex - Field Training Unit - Field Training Deputy
EX- Rifle Qualified

Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since APRIL 2017.

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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Jacob Hadley » June 3rd, 2018, 2:58 am

good shit

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Re: May Newsletter

Postby gamersousage » June 3rd, 2018, 2:59 am


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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Aidan Roberts » June 3rd, 2018, 3:04 am

grats everyone
Former (Staff) Sergeant

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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Samuel Martinez » June 3rd, 2018, 3:06 am

professional gamer

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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Noah Arnett » June 3rd, 2018, 3:10 am

Congratulations everybody. Don't forget to go apply for FTU if you made it past DS III and above, and don't forget to go apply for SiT if you're now a DS III and above. Thank you as well.
State of San Andreas — "Liberty and Justice Under Law."

Former Sheriffs Lieutenant Noah Elliot Arnett
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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Bradley Wayne » June 3rd, 2018, 3:16 am

grats everybody



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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Evelyn Lockhart » June 3rd, 2018, 3:49 am

cool stuff

Assistant Sheriff Evelyn Lockhart,

Office of Administrative Services - Director.
Recruitment and Training - Director.
Supervisory Staff - Director.
Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since 4th January 2017.
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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Benjamin LaCivita » June 3rd, 2018, 4:17 am

please don't ever call a county jail a county prison again

other than that good work
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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Brad Roth » June 3rd, 2018, 5:18 am

Congrats everyone

Peter Oktaba
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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Peter Oktaba » June 3rd, 2018, 6:48 am

Nice one!
Deputy Sheriff II [K9] Peter Oktaba
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Alexander Avramovich
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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Alexander Avramovich » June 3rd, 2018, 7:09 am

good job peeps

Jonathan Donaldson
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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Jonathan Donaldson » June 3rd, 2018, 8:41 am

good job boysssssss grats everyone!
Deputy Sheriff (II) Jonathan Donaldson
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Re: May Newsletter

Postby Brad Roth » June 3rd, 2018, 8:45 am

Jonathan Donaldson wrote:good job boysssssss grats everyone!

good job herererera.

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