[SOMV] Cameron Bridger

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Master Deputy (SiT)
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[SOMV] Cameron Bridger

Postby Grant Weston » June 29th, 2019, 1:19 am


| Disciplinary Action1.1 Deputies Name: Cameron Bridger
1.2 Deputies Rank: Deputy Sheriff (Bonus II)
1.3 Driving Suspension Length:
  • [X] - 24 Hours

1.4 Reason/Additional Comments: Deputy Bridger nearly rammed multiple deputies whilst travelling at high speeds towards an active situation. Bridger will now face a 24 hour driving suspension and should take this time to reflect on his actions.

| Supervisor's Information2.1 Supervisor's Name: Grant Weston, Anthony Nucara.
2.2 Supervisor's Rank: Master Deputy SiT, Sergeant.
2.3 Supervisor's Badge Number: 206, 745.
2.4 Supervisor's Signature:
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