[FCP-A Application] Divyaansh Sheffield-kushwaha [DENIED]

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[FCP-A Application] Divyaansh Sheffield-kushwaha [DENIED]

Postby Divyaansh Skushwaha » June 12th, 2019, 2:25 am

Weapon Licensing Unit

| Section I - Personal Information |(1.1) First Name: Divyaansh.
(1.2) Last Name: Skushwaha.
(1.3) Gender: Male.

(1.4) Date of Birth: 27/12/1990.
(1.5) Age: Twenty-Eight / 28.
(1.6) Nationality: American.

(1.7) Residential Address: Montgomery Southern Trailers, next to Montgomery Sheriffs Office, Red-County.
(1.8) Contact Number: 9087844.

(1.9) Next of Kin: N/A
(1.10) Next of Kin's Address: N/A
(1.11) Next of Kin's Contact Number: N/A

| Section II - Attachment of Documents |(2.1) Photocopy of government-issued identification card:
(( Attach a screenshot of your '/licenses' in-game in the spoiler below along with /time, DO NOT edit the SS. ))
(2.1.1) Attachment: show

(2.2) (Optional) Photocopy of government-issued badge:
(( Attach a screenshot of your '/showbadge' in-game in the spoiler below along with /time, DO NOT edit the SS. ))
(2.2.1) Attachment: show

| Section III - Permit Information |(3.1) Firearm Permit Type: Class A

(3.2) Why do you wish to obtain a Personal Firearm Permit? (Minimum of 100 words):
Just the other week, on the 07th of June, I was out visiting the city of Las Venturas, patronizing a local business, which at some point I tried to make my way back home via taxi. I found myself caught off guard and cornered by an individual with a serrated knife, and the guy was seemingly eager to use it for any reason. Without a weapon at the ready, all I could do is hold my ground in case he tried to attack and give in to his demands. Ended up losing my wallet with a few credits cards, my driver's license, as well as my cell phone. At least I was able to walk away with my life (and body) intact instead of becoming another statistic. I tried to call 911 from a nearby pay phone, but just my luck that the pay phone was out of order. So, this is the main reason for obtaining a weapon license. I want to be secure and I will surely be confident to move around the city at any time if I am armed with a licensed gun.
(3.3) How do you plan to use your Personal Firearm Permit? (Minimum of 100 words):
I am ready to use my firearm license with full responsibility. I will follow all the commands and orders as per written in the rule book of the Personal Firearm Permit. I will only and only take the firearm out from the holster whenever I will feel insecure. The licensee is responsible for all liability for, injury to, or death of any person, or damage to any property and I am ready to take that responsibility. I am not going to involve myself in any police or Sheriff's shootout, unless and until a cop's life is at risk which could also result in serious injury or death. I will always inform the Law Enforcement officers about my firearm whenever they will pull over my vehicle, also whenever I will take out my firearm for or against someone.

| Section IV - Permit Qualification |Select all that are true in the spoiler below, you may tick more than one box per question. - You must score at least 16 out of 20 to pass this section.
Permit Qualification Questionnaire: show
(4.1) While using your firearm, you notice that it is occasionally slam-firing (more than one shot despite only pulling the trigger once) – Before diagnosing the weapon, you should do which of the following?
A) Unload the gun and ensure it is safe. [✓]
B) Aim at the ground and fire a test shot. [X]
C) Locate a member of the SACSO and get them to diagnose it instead. [X]
D) All of the above. [X]

(4.2) You are practicing at a shooting range and accidentally injure yourself with a misfired shot. What should you do after the occurrence of this event?
A) Secure the weapon to ensure it is no longer dangerous. [✓]
B) Call or get someone to call for an ambulance. [✓]
C) Notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit regarding the accident. [✓]
D) All of the above. [✓]

(4.3) You have your firearm safely stored in your holster while out in public when someone comes up and snatches the firearm from you, and then runs off. What should you do?
A) Chase the thief and tackle them, taking the firearm back. [X]
B) Call 911 immediately and notify them of the situation. [✓]
C) Notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit that your registered firearm was stolen. [✓]
D) Do nothing and simply purchase a replacement firearm. [X]

(4.4) You are at the shooting range and preparing to practice with your handgun, but you fear the gun may have been loaded with the wrong ammo. What should you do?
A) Fire a test shot at one of the targets. [X]
B) Unload the gun immediately, changing the ammo if necessary. [✓]
C) Ask someone else to fire a test shot for you, and keep well out of the way. [X]
D) None of the above. [X]

(4.5) How often should you clean your firearm?
A) Every 3-4 months. [✓]
B) When you notice a decrease in the firearm’s performance. [✓]
C) When one or more parts of the firearm stop functioning correctly. [✓]
D) All of the above. [✓]

(4.6) What might happen if you limp-wrist (holding too low down on the grip) with your handgun?
A) The gun may malfunction. [✓]
B) Your accuracy will be greatly reduced. [✓]
C) You may injure yourself or others. [✓]
D) All of the above. [✓]

(4.7)You go out for some drinks with some friends after work, and you later realize you’ve been carrying your licensed firearm for the duration of the night. What should you do?
A) Notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit and get further instructions. [✓]
B) Hand the firearm to a trusted friend so the incident does not occur again. [X]
C) Keep the firearm in storage while you deal with the issue. [✓]
D) Do nothing. You did not hurt anyone. [X]

(4.8) Your doctor has prescribed you a new course of medicine and you are unsure if you are safe to operate a firearm while taking it. What should you do?
A) Take only half of the usual dose. [X]
B) Take more time to load, aim, and fire your weapon. [X]
C) Practice after taking your medicine to see the impact. [X]
D) Speak to your doctor or the SACSO Emergency Services Unit to find out more. [✓]

(4.9) You are on your way to the firing range when a small argument with another driver leaves you upset. What is the most appropriate thing to do in this situation?
A) Continue to the shooting range and continue as planned. [X]
B) Take a short break to calm down before handling your firearm. [✓]
C) Go for a drink at a local bar instead of to the shooting range. [X]
D) You are annoyed – continue to think about the incident that occurred. [X]

(4.10) You have just bought your first licensed firearm and plan to store it at your house. What precautions must be taken?
A) The ammo and firearm should be stored separately. [✓]
B) The firearm and all subsequent parts should be stored in a secure, safe place. [✓]
C) You must notify all house guests that there is a firearm stored in the house. [X]
D) The firearm should be kept out of sight and reach of children. [✓]

(4.11) One day, your friend asks you to look after their licensed weapon for 'a few days' – They do not provide any documentation alongside the firearm. What should you do?
A) As you have your license, take the firearm, and store it in your house. [X]
B) Refuse. The situation could put you at risk on legal grounds. [✓]
C) Refuse, and notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit of the situation. [✓]
D) None of the above. [X]

(4.12) You fear a friend may be using their license for illegal purposes. What should you do?
A) Immediately notify the SACSO. [✓]
B) Immediately notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit. [✓]
C) Talk to your friend and talk them out of it if your fear is true. [✓]
D) Do nothing. It is none of your business. [X]

(4.13) Which of the following will help you improve your handgun skills?
A) Practicing the grip, the draw, and sighted dry fire with snap caps. [✓]
B) Practicing at the range once every month or as often as possible. [✓]
C) Using the same bullet weight and power as your carry loads. [✓]
D) All of the above. [✓]

(4.14)When the shooting starts, you should do which of the following?
A) Get into a weaver stance. [X]
B) Go for a head shot. [X]
C) Fire as fast as possible in the direction of the assailant. [X]
D) Seek cover. [✓]

(4.15) What are some firearm rules that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office outline?
A) Shotguns and Rifles may only be used for hunting in forestall areas. [✓]
B) Firearms are never to be used for anything apart from hunting. [X]
C) You are able to shoot anyone who poses a threat to you or someone who scares you. [X]
D) You may conceal carry automatic rifles within a duffle bag. [X]

(4.16) If you shoot someone, which of the following might you expect?
A) To withhold any statements without your attorney present. [X]
B) To undergo a criminal investigation. [✓]
C) To be the defendant in a ruinous civil suit. [X]
D) All of the above. [X]

(4.17) Which of the following situations are OK for handgun carry?
A) When just under the blood alcohol level legal to drive. [X]
B) When taking over the counter or prescription drugs that impair. [X]
C) When fatigued, emotionally upset, or distracted. [X]
D) None of the above. [X]

(4.18) In which of the following situations is a person prohibited from carry?
A) A felon or a person convicted of a violent crime. [✓]
B) Federal buildings, capitol area, courthouses, school buildings and activities. [✓]
C) Private business establishments that post "guns banned" signs. [✓]
D) All of the above. [✓]

(4.19) Which of the following are Basic Firearm Handling Rules:
A) Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. [✓]
B) Always keep your finger on the trigger [X]
C) You should never tell a Sheriff is you are carrying a firearm. [X]
D) You should always hip fire, without aiming down the sights. [X]

(4.20) A weapon should be considered loaded at all times. Which safety rules should you always follow?
A) Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. [✓]
B) Keep your finger out of the trigger guard. [✓]
C) Check to verify the loaded or unloaded condition of the firearm. [✓]
D) All of the above. [✓]

| Section V - Scenarios |(5.1) A girl is running out of a house and says her boyfriend is trying to attack her with a baseball bat. a minute later the boyfriend runs outside with the baseball bat and approaches the woman that stands near you in an aggressive manner, what would you do?
First of all I will secure the girl, keeping her away from her boyfriend. I will try to handle the situation calmly, but if her boyfriend tries to attack me using the baseball bat then I will discharge my firearm from the holster, removing the safety lock and aiming at the boy. I will ask him to slowly go back and put the baseball bat down. If he will follow my orders I will call 9-1-1 so they can handle out the situation and if he tires to attack me I will shoot on his leg. Secondly, I will be also keeping an eye on the girl, what if they turned out to be robbers and she took away my firearm from the holster. So it is very important for me to be very attentive and focused at that time as it can result in serious injury to death.

(5.2) It is the middle of the day, you walk towards the bank and you notice a deputy sheriff fighting a suspect on the ground and trying to cuff him, suddenly the suspect reaches for the deputy's firearm and unholsters it pointing it at the cop at a very close range, what would you do and how will you act?
In this situation I will unholster my firearm, shouting and informing others innocent people who are present there, to take cover. I will keep aiming at the suspect, removing the safety lock of the firearm. Then I will focus at the suspect's actions and body movements, especially his hand and fingers. If he tries to pull the trigger of the gun I will shoot him down to secure Deputy's life or if the suspect is just aiming at the Deputy then I will try to approach the suspect from behind, warning him to give the weapon back and surrender. Such situation requires sudden and quick actions, any delay could result in injury to someone to loss of life. So you have to be quick and act fast.

(5.3) You are on your way to the city hall to get your paycheck when suddenly a couple of gang members from across the street open fire on each other, there are no civilians in the area at that time, what will you do?
I will quickly seek for a safe point, hiding myself there. I will surely dial 9-1-1 informing the Law Enforcement Officers about the shootout and its location. I am not going to engage myself in the shootout unless and until any of the gang member tries to hurt or shoot me down intentionally or unintentionally. Once the shootout is over, I will first ensure the area for my own and others safety and then I will try to help the injured gang members who would be present there.

(5.4) It is mid-afternoon and you walk down to your local convenient store to collect your groceries. As you are shopping for your goods, you notice a female walk in with a balaclava on, and a shotgun brandished. You realize that you left your firearm locked away at home. What would you do in this scenario?
In this scenario I am not going to think about my firearm as I am unarmed in the shop. I will remain silent, not going to fight against an armed person. I will inform the Law Enforcement officers once she left the shop. If the robber is going to rob or give any order to me then I will follow it.

(5.5) It is late at night, and you have just finished your shift at work when you decide to walk home due to the pleasant warmth of the night. As you are roaming the streets, a hooded man approaches you with a small firearm and demands your possession, and your firearm that is holstered on your hip. There is a 10 meter distance between you and the robber. What would you do in this scenario?
This is a very critical situation. You have to act extremely fast, I am not going to unholster my firearm to shoot or aim at the robber. I will follow all the orders of the robber, ready to give away all my belongings and the firearm too. As he is already aiming a loaded firearm at me so it is not possible for me to run or fight back as, there is a 10 meter distance between us. Once he will leave the area then I will try to call Law Enforcement Officer or I will go to the nearest police station, informing about my firearm robbery.

| Section VI - Declaration of Liability |
It is the responsibility of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office to include a background check of all applicants for a firearm permit. This check could involve interviews with family members, neighbors, or co-workers, past and present. This check will include a check of your mental and physical well being both now and in the past. The law allows us to check complete criminal history, which includes local, state, and federal checks. Your signature below allows us to search any and all sources which contain information that would allow complete and accurate background investigation.

I also certify that all information on my firearm permit, and on this background information sheet, is true and accurate, knowing that any falsified information could disqualify me from obtaining the permit.

I also certify that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office has the right to revoke my Personal Firearm Permit for any circumstance, with legal authority. If I fail to abide by state laws, or any regulations and protocols that are set out by the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, I hereby consent to the revocation of my Personal Firearm Permit.

(( I also certify that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office has the right to revoke my Personal Firearm Permit with a valid Out of Character reason.

I also certify that when taking the InGame quiz if the application gets accepted, the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office has the right to deny it for cheating when tabbing out to check the answers on the forums.))

I hereby release the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office and its employees from any and all liability arising from the above search for information. I have read and understood the statements under this declaration and authorize the Sheriff's to conduct an extensive background investigation.

Signature: D.Sheffield-kushwaha.
Date: 12/June/2019.

| ((Section VII - Out of Character Information)) |(7.1) RCRP Master Account Name: LSSD
(7.2) RCRP Forum Name: LSSD

(7.3) Account Names:
  • Divyaansh Skushwaha
  • Smriti Kumar
(7.4) Level 3+ Character (/stats):

(7.4.1) Attachment: show

* Note that you must have atleast one other character that is level 3 before you apply.

(7.5) Have you ever applied for a firearm permit before?: Yes

(7.5.1) If yes, what happened to your previous firearm permit?: I got banned from RCRP for DMing a player back in November 2018. But I promise it won't happen again. Faye Arrnet-Delgado told me that my blacklist got expire on 27th-May-2019. That's why I am here, please give me a second chance. I'll use it wisely.

(7.6) Do you agree to the firearm permit protocols laid out in this thread:


(7.7) Do you agree that the Weapon Licensing Unit Command Team, SACSO Command Staff, and SACSO Executive Staff reserve the revoke your firearm permit at anytime should an IC reason be found?:


Cameron Bridger
Deputy Sheriff (Bonus II)
Deputy Sheriff (Bonus II)
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Re: [FCP-A Application] Divyaansh Sheffield-kushwaha

Postby Cameron Bridger » June 12th, 2019, 8:22 am


Application InformationDear Mr Divyaansh Kushwaha,

We have gone over your application and after some deliberation, have decided to ACCEPT it. You are now urged to read over our Weapons Training guide, State Of San Andreas Firearms Law and FCP Protocols before contacting a member of the WLD to obtain your permit. We urge you to read over all Protocols and Training Procedures to familiarise yourself with the rules. You will have Two (2) Weeks to find a licensing deputy and complete your quiz. ((Please contact a WLD Member In-Game))

Cameron Bridger
Licensing Deputy

Cameron Bridger
Deputy Sheriff (Bonus II)
Deputy Sheriff (Bonus II)
Posts: 259
Joined: October 7th, 2017, 9:26 pm
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Re: [FCP-A Application] Divyaansh Sheffield-kushwaha [DENIED]

Postby Cameron Bridger » Today, 1:51 am


Application InformationDear Mr Divyaansh Kushwaha,

We have gone over your application, and after some deliberation, have decided to DENY it for the following reasons stated below:

  • Currently blacklisted from March and for the next 12 months following it.
  • Plagiarism, using his same own words from his previous applications.
  • Deemed not fit to carry a firearm.

You may NOT re-apply.

If you believe your application was wrongfully denied, refer to the Application Appeal System and carefully read the given information.

Cameron Bridger
Licensing Deputy

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