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Postby Lucy Summers » April 25th, 2019, 3:52 pm


Written by 1st Lieutenant Lucy Summers (BN#754).

The San Andreas County Sheriff's Office have been made aware of a video surfacing on the internet that appears to show a deputy-involved shooting that took place in Montgomery. At this time, our Internal Affairs unit have received no complaints regarding use of force and we have no record of anyone coming forward to our office regarding this incident.

We are currently appealing for anyone who may have seen or heard anything during this incident to come forward to the County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs unit. For reference, please contact Lieutenant Lucy Summers. We are also appealing for any video footage regarding the incident to help with our on-going enquiries.

Let me be clear that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office do not accept actions that appear illegal on any level and that our Internal Affairs unit will handle any and all investigations in detail and to the letter of the law.

We have also been made aware of particular comments surrounding an attempt to arrange a protest at the Montgomery Sheriff's Office. Although we appreciate and respect the rights of the residents of the state of San Andreas, it is indeed illegal to incite actions that may lead to acts of violence and/or destruction of property. This does not mean we deny the right of peaceful protest, as long as actions are carried out in accordance with the San Andreas Penal Code 2019.

If you wish to remain anonymous in any instance that a deputy may have mishandled an incident or wish to report a deputy, please click here to visit the Report an Employee hub.

- 25/04/2019

San Andreas County Sheriffs Office
Public Affairs Division
Image [email protected]
Image Dial 911, Ask for a member of Public Affairs.
Image 1 Crest Road, Dillimore, 91101, Office 314-1A

Disclaimer: This article was published by the Public Affairs Division of the San Andreas County Sheriffs Office. We uphold the right to edit the article at any time, add information at any time and remove text from the article at any time. The article will be strictly moderated. A No-Nonsense policy will be applied and we hold the right to delete any comment at any time at our own discretion. Privacy of the readers is conform the San Andreas Legislation made by the San Andreas State Courts.

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