((Isaiah Steez - Reinstatement))

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((Isaiah Steez - Reinstatement))

Postby Isaiah Steez » March 16th, 2019, 8:11 am

- Please read THIS topic before continuing -


| 1. Personal Information
    1.1 Full Name(incl. middle names): Isaiah Steez
    1.2 Date of Last Employment: About 6 months ago - September 23rd, 2018.
    1.3 Discharging Deputy: Anderson

| 2. Questions (IC)
    2.1 What was the reason for your discharge?:
    Misrepresentation of the Department, Borderline OOC fuckery, breach of OOC corruption permissions.

    2.2 What was your previous rank?:
    Deputy Sheriff

    2.3 What was your highest rank achieved in any Agency?:

    2.4 Why do you wish to reinstate? (Minimum 200 words.):
    Alright, where do I begin.. I joined this faction October 10th, 2017. When the Academy was happening. Batch 1. I initially joined because I thought roleplaying as a LEO would make you seem cool in the community. But as I started developing my character and actually roleplaying properly, it was actually kind of fun. My last few months in the department before my long break, I stayed under the name of Cameron Parker. I then got discharged. That's when I took break. I then reinstated as Skylar Harper around September. I had another chance and I fucked it up. During that time, I didn't take the faction seriously. I didn't really care that I got discharged, so I didn't bother trying to reinstate for awhile. But I feel like something has changed. The past few days I've been on, the roleplay standards of the faction has seemed to improve by a lot during my absence. When I was in the faction, the standards were pretty low, so people could get away with just OOC fucking around. But now, seems like things have changed and will start changing. This is one of the many reasons as to why I wish to reinstate during this time. But before I give more reasons as to why I wish to reinstate, I'd like to apologize to the Faction Management team of SACSO including Command and Executive staff for wasting your time in the past. I fucked around OOC'ly a lot and you had to deal with me. I also represented the faction in a negative way which could've resulted in the faction looking bad to outsiders. I would really like to apologize for that and mean it this time. I honestly should've been more responsible and followed protocols and read up on announcements. I'd also like to apologize to Anderson as well. He talked about corruption so heavily, and I payed no attention or respect to what he had to say about it. I'd like to apologize to him for that. Alright, back to the reasons as to why I wish to come back. One of the reasons being the roleplay standards of the faction improving throughout time. That's a big improvement. Another reason I wish to come back is that I miss the divisions that I used to be apart of. One of my friends that used to lead a few divisions I was in just recently reinstated and I really wish to meet up with him again. He was one of the many people who inspired me to join the SACSO. Also I really want to reinstate because I owe it to others. I've wasted a lot of peoples time in the past, and I feel like I owe it to them if I reinstate and show them that I am eligible to be in the faction. I haven't really been the best player in the faction, and I feel like I can change that. A lot of people think negative when they hear my name due to my bad decisions during my time in the faction. I want to change that. I want to earn their respect once again. I want to earn my place once again. I know that this is a long shot and it's a huge risk inviting me back to the faction, and I understand that. But I feel like I should be given a chance to come back and prove myself. Thank you for taking your time to read and understand my reinstatement request. If you feel like I am not capable to return, then I fully understand and I will respect that decision.

| 3. Additional Information (OOC)
    3.1 Master Account: mainalishayal
    3.2 RCRP Forum Name: LegendaryS
    3.3 Previous LEO Characters: Cameron Parker, Andrew Ford, Skylar Harper

| 4. Other (IC/OOC)
    4.1 - Notice By Signing below I hereby agree that I still agree to section VI of the recruitment application referenced here and that I am ((Or my character is)) responsible for my own actions, and that I can be fired at anytime ((ICly or OOCly)) for any reason given by the Command Staff or Executive Staff.
    4.2 Other Comments / Questions: None
    4.3 Signature: Isaiah Steez

Lucy Summers
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Re: ((Isaiah Steez - Reinstatement))

Postby Lucy Summers » March 16th, 2019, 10:01 am


| Reinstatement ResponseDear Mr Isaiah Steez,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Command and Executive Staff in regards to your recently submitted reinstatement into the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office. This is a notification that we have received your reinstatement and will be deliberating your request. You should receive a reply within the next forty eight hours however in some cases this might be longer.

Second Lieutenant Lucy Summers
San Andreas County Sheriff's Office

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