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August Newsletter

Postby Jake Anderson » September 1st, 2018, 1:17 am


Opening Words

Hello and welcome to the August 2018 edition of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office newsletter,

I am Undersheriff Brennan and this month is actually the one year anniversary of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office and from me and the rest of the Executive team, we're proud to see where we are today and where we've come as a department. We are constantly evolving and constantly changing and improving our special divisions to our investigation divisions to our community outreach teams. Our regular deputies constantly working away to improve Red County and do their very best as a patrol deputy to respond to 911 calls and serve you to their best ability. It brings happiness to me as a law-enforcer to see deputies working overtime and doubles to assist with calls and bring the call to a end, searching down every last lead they can to finish a call to their best of ability.

Since the closure of the San Andreas State Police and the hiring of Sheriff Anderson, this county has seen a drop in crime rates and a spike in firearms and drug seizures over the county. We've seen a increase in Deputies patrols and a spike in departmental satisfaction on a overall scale, I'd like to personally thank Sheriff Anderson for providing the work environment he does and continue to serve him until retirement.

Many people do not understand that our Deputy Sheriff's are sworn peace officers and that our jobs require continuing education and training. To meet this demand, we'll be opening the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office recruitment for the month of September to bring more boots on the ground and more numbers to the streets assisting the citizens of Red County. As my main responsibilities with the department are within the Office of Administration, Academic Training and Field Training are my responsibility to manage on an Executive level and I am keen to get involved and work with each of the units respectively. With this influx of on top of hiring new recruits we'll also be hiring a few new Field Training Deputies this month to meet the demand of new recruits on the street.

Also in this newsletter, a new permanent section has been added which is a dedicated Executive Staff Statement section where each member of the Executive Staff team will provide their own written statement detailing anything they'd like to touch upon.

Let's have a brilliant month,

Happy Reading,

Si vis Pacem, para Bellum

Undersheriff Gregory Brennan
San Andreas County Sheriff's Office

Desk of the Sheriff

Hello deputies and civilians alike, the Desk of the Sheriff portion of the newsletter is where I talk about what's going on in the department and stuff I have planned for the department, unfortunately this month it's not all positive, and it's gonna get brutally honest. To start off, I'm going to go ahead and parrot what I said in the middle of the Supervisory meeting. I'm not happy with the status of the Supervisory Staff, my Sergeants should be more involved with the members of the NCO bracket. I've seen the Sergeant's team reach a point where they don't interact with members of the ranking brackets accordingly, from disregarding members of the NCO bracket, to acting out, and committing insubordination towards the members of the Command and Executive Staffs. I've given the members of the Supervisory an ultimatum, shape up, or get removed. The Command Staff and Executive Staff are fully ready to take the brunt of a complete removal of the Supervisory Staff until competent members can be chosen and trained. Now with this being said, not all Sergeants are bad, but the group has not been the best in the recent months. Some Sergeants will take this statement to heart, some will want to resign, some will be inspired to do better. Sergeants, the NCOs depend on you, go out, talk to them, see how they're doing on patrol, make sure if they need something to help them accordingly. Sergeants you're there for more than just forum work, suspensions, and punishments. You're there to support the deputies, take time to talk to them, from here on out I want all forms punishments preceded by a conversation regarding the situation, put yourself in the NCO's shoes, figure out why they did what they did, then go from there, work with them to rectify the situation, work towards a common goal, that being the department working in cohesion.

Moving on, the nasty part isn't over. This is addressing Everyone in the department. You are here to roleplay as officers, you're not here to police the server. By this I mean, focus on character development, the constant shootings, situations, and all that jazz, it's gonna start cracking people, no matter how hard you are. Respond to the calls you know are gonna suck, sometimes these calls give the most fun RP there is. You're here to roleplay an officer in the SACSO, you're not here to robocop about and just be a total dickwad. Moving on, ranks. Ranks are not the most important thing in the world, if you leave because you lost rank, then you don't truly belong. Yes it's a tough hit, but put that effort into your character, think about how your character feels, think about how they can go and rectify the situation that caused them to be demoted. Have fun. Don't drive around aimlessly, get out of your car every once in a while, go and interact with the community. Y'all bitch and moan about parkrats, but have you ever thought it's maybe because we don't show them how to roleplay, maybe the robocops show them it's OK to have a sub-par standard of roleplay. If we step up our game, maybe it will improve how the parkrats behave. Keep that in mind.

A quick departmental move, with Assistant Sheriff Kennedy having to go on LOA for around a month, the remaining Executive Staff have decided we're going to move Lieutenant Doc Walker to his position to take over Supporting Operations for the time being. Once Assistant Sheriff Kennedy returns, Assistant Sheriff Doc Walker will be moved accordingly. Some of you may say that this is nothing more than a friendship group moving their friends around. While yes, we're all good friends, Doc Walker has been a member of the Executive Staff and was my Undersheriff for a good portion of my time as Sheriff, he's someone that's trusted and works his ass off. Welcome to Executive Staff Assistant Sheriff Walker.

The Handbook, oh the handbook, it's taking me longer than I anticipated. While it's still in the works, I will miss my soft deadline of the First of September. However it should be done in time for the academy, over these next two weeks I'm going to be pumping out the handbook, putting more hours than normal into it so that I can get it done in time for the new academy. I will say, so far I've run into many issues with the old handbook, a good example being Volume III and Volume VI are literally almost the same thing. I'll continue work into this handbook, and I won't stop until it's in a good position.

Executive Staff Update


Firstly, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the hard work and dedication you all give to this department. At times, it is easy to become disheartened and demotivated may that be from not being recognised correctly by your supervisor for something positive you've done or missing a promotion you tried your hardest to get. I am writing to you now that I am proud of the work that each and everyone of you does and even prouder of the determination you show to work even harder to achieve your goals. We have a very busy month ahead and we all need to continue to work effectively together as we welcome a new batch of recruits into our Department.

((I would like to address my own performance in recent weeks. My activity has taken a hit over the best part of a month. This is due to a few personal matters that have unfortunately warranted my undivided attention. As many of you know my work life can become hectic at times due to working two jobs that have varying levels of demand at different times. In addition to this, I somehow managed to get myself into a relationship and for the initial first few weeks, I didn't want to make her feel un-prioritised by choosing to stay at home and play this game. Sadly, real life supersedes the computer.

I apologise for those who may have needed me and I wasn't there and I can promise to you all that I am not going anywhere and my management of time is a lot more stable and I am able to resume my normal levels of activity that the vast majority of you all know me for and would expect from a member of the Executive Team. I'd like to thank my immediate colleagues, both the Sheriff and Assistant Sheriff's for your perseverance and I would like to apologise for this lapse but hey, it happens. I am excited for the future, we have exciting things on the way and I look forward to developing them with you all. ))

With the introduction of the new hierarchy system, my immediate focus will be on the Units I am responsible for and most importantly, Recruitment, Academic Training and Field Training for the time being due to the immediate start of the next batch. I am also responsible for the Weapon Licensing Unit and Command Staff team. Over the next month, I will be performing a review of each unit and team to establish what works well and what doesn't/what needs to be changed. I look forward to working with Unit personnel in the coming weeks.

The Executive Staff team and I have our expectations from each member in the department and it is essential that you all continue to be step ahead and deliver community policing at the top of our game and strive to embody our Departmental Core Values.

Kindest Regards,


Undersheriff G. Brennan
Office of Administrative Operations
San Andreas County Sheriff's Office
Hello, Deputies and people of the Tri-Counties.

We've fallen into the decline of Red County. It's back to school for the kids and back to work for the young-adults of the counties. We've seen a decline in people in the streets but unfortunately a increase in crime. We will be opening a recruitment batch for the month of September and recruiting as many brand new Deputies as we can to help us increase the uniforms on the street. We've worked tirelessly with the Office of the Sheriff to restructure the department and put divisions under different leaders. I myself am now the Commanding officer of the Field Operations Bureau and still assist Under-sheriff Gregory Brennan to help him with the Command Staff and managing the Command staff of the SACSO.

Before Under-Sheriff Brennan took over I worked with my partner Assistant Sheriff Kennedy with the Command team and worked on working it out to have it working efficiently and fluently. Now under new management the Command Staff is working and full capacity and working well. The last few days of the month the department has fallen on back to school season and there's been a lot more traffic on the road, families driving to and from after school commitments and irregular traffic causes more back up, taking the Sheriff's Office a little extra time to get to your important 911 calls. Fortunately as I mentioned before we'll be opening a recruitment batch for the month of September to increase the number of uniforms on the street.

I've continued to work tirelessly with the Field Operations Bureau, having the Investigative Services Bureau now under my wing, I'll be working along with them and assisting their division Commanding Officer in driving the division in the correct direction. Special Weapons and Tactics will be getting some new additions in the month of September with a possible overhaul of the Montgomery Sheriff's Office, having a new underground parkade worked in and a new overhauled interior will bring more life to the station rather than being more than a few officer desks and two jail cells. The station will hopefully be the new Field Operations Bureau Headquarters and will be operating primarily for Special Weapons and Tactics, increasing our call out response time and increasing space at the Dillimore Sheriff's Office headquarters.


Assistant Sheriff Nathaniel Bauer
Office of Field Operations
San Andreas County Sheriff's Office

Divisional Updates

The Canine Unit has been under new command since this month. After the departure of Staff Sergeant Jacob Hadley, I stepped up and took over the unit. The unit has always been a unit that is only necessary during special operations. In the last month, the unit has not been very visible in the field. This is mostly because we had some deputies on LOA or the priorities in other divisions. I'm glad to say that with finally settling in as the command together with Avril Barteaux, we are trying to bring new life into the Canine Unit. I have set some goals for the unit which in my eyes are the things we need in the next month. I want to have more dogs out in the field. I'm working on a monthly divisional training and an Improvement of quality from both the handlers and the canine dogs.

Sergeant MacIntyre Womack

The Special Weapons and Tactics team is tasked with numerous crime-suppression assignments including providing crime suppression details, responding to high-risk barricaded situations, hostage situations, warrant service and assisting department personnel in solving major crimes, with the common goal to reduce the incidence and the fear of crime. It is one of the biggest and most important units within the department. The team is currently headed by Staff Sergeant Noah Arnett, who has been appointed to this position after deciding to reinstate into the team earlier this year. He built a strong command staff for the SWAT team which consisted of Deputy Sheriffs Nicholas Webb and Megan Williams, both extremely experienced peace officers with large tactical experience and backgrounds.

As of recent, Nicholas Webb, 51, has officially retired from the department. We are deeply saddened by this occurrence, yet we stand by Mr. Webb at all times and we support his decision to take an early retirement. His work within this team and within the department as a whole has not gone unnoticed and will not be easily forgotten. He was a true asset to the team, a dedicated tactical deputy, and most importantly, a natural leader. Webb served the department and the SWAT team for the past twenty years of his career and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours. This opens up a vacancy within the team's command, therefore we advise senior tactical deputies who would like to truly step up to such a responsibility to become more noticeable while the team's CO and the Field Operations Director are looking for a suitable candidate.

Earlier this month, the internal hierarchy of the team has been entirely revamp in an effort to bring more originality and to streamline the way the team's chain of command functions. As such, the team now has: Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO), Tactical Sergeant (TS), Quartermaster (Q), Senior Tactical Deputies, Tactical Deputies and Tactical Deputies (Probationaries), whereas the first three ranks are command ranks.

Thanks to N. Webb's suggestion and to N. Bauer's and N. Arnett's perseverance, our unit now has unmarked deployment vehicles assigned to each and every team member who would like to secure one. The purpose of this vehicle is to serve to the team's rapid deployment, therefore mobility. Our SWAT team is a part-time one while highly trained team members have numerous other assignments within the department, ranging from canine handlers to field training deputies to traffic deputies, and so on — our team functions on an on-call system and all tactical deputies respond to situations when paged. It is critical that our SWAT team arrives on scenes where they are required in a very timely fashion. These vehicles are to serve that purpose only, and they also provide the deputy with a secure storage place for their tactical equipment.

Furthermore, thanks to Sheriff J. Anderson's allocation of funds for a project developed internally, our team has officially instated a new, SACSO-themed tactical attire and also battle dress uniforms for its members. Consult with the quartermaster to receive your uniform if you have not already. These uniforms can be used by SWAT members while on stand-by, while on regular patrol under a SWAT-recognized call sign, and while on tactical deployments. These may not be worn on special assignments unless explicit permission is gained from the team's commanding officer or the Executive Staff.

For September, we intend to get rid of Operative Records and to replace them with a properly developed disciplinary database. Additionally, we also plan on establishing proper lines of communication in order to put our Tactical Flight branch to use by collaboration with the Air Support Unit, and we also intend to build a proper Sniper School (the same our Rifle Qualification Course works).

(( We strive to commit to realistic tactical role-play. While there have been setbacks in the past and specific members have not adopted this kind of mindset until now, necessary changes have been carried out to ensure that all the team members understand this aspect and wish to work towards it. We believe a realistic approach to tactical role-play and police role-play altogether is what can make both us and our illegal counterparts enjoy most of our encounters. We aim to be fair and, to quote Fudge, to provide quality police role-play to the server, not to police the server. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Khaleesi or GageB. ))

Field Training Unit
As the Field Training Unit Command are we working on improving the way on how the Field Training Examinations will be held for the next recruitment batch. We will be actively working on developing a system that will examine both knowledge in the field as well as required departmental knowledge. This will increase the overall standards for our deputies, increasing self-awareness and their knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. Them knowing their weakness(es) is important as it will help them to develop themselves during the entire Field Training Phase. We will have this newly developed system ready before the next academy batch.

Frederick Harris,
Director of the Field Training Unit.

Academic Training Unit
As the Academic Training Unit Command are we working on an improved system that will uphold the current standards of the department and continue to ensure that our deputies have been trained to the highest standards. We hope to bring the Deputies better knowledge before they will start with their Field Training Stage and that they can actively develop themselves in the Field Training Stage with the knowledge they have received within the academy. Our new and improved system will include even better learning material so that our students have the most advanced knowledge in our field.

Furthermore, Sergeant John Voight has been appointed as our new Deputy Director. We hope that he will be able to further improve the Academic curriculum, to ensure that our law enforcement officers will be up to date with the latest standards for generations to come.

Frederick Harris.
Director of the Academic Training Unit.

John Voight,
Deputy Director of the Academic Training Unit.

Another month has passed since I took over the Community Outreach Team. Throughout the last month, we have started working on several new projects to stimulate closer ties between local communities and the San Andreas County Sheriffs Office. The Community Outreach Team has now been divided into three local teams (Palomino Creek, Montgomery, and Blueberry) with community deputies that focus on their primary village. This way we are able to get to know more locals and have a better feeling of what is happening inside a local neighboorhood. Are you interested in being a community deputy that conducts foot, bike and regular patrol in a specific area and would you like to get to know locals, you can submit your COT application right now as the applications are still open.

Moreover, The Community Outreach team is still working on new projects. We have a social media team being built by deputy Jalen Hall, we are working on a report a crime system and as some of you might have seen, members of the Community Outreach Team now wear red stripes on their left shoulder indicating they are trained in communications. If you ever struggle to handle questions or people's concerns, look around for someone with one to three red stripes on their shoulder and they should be the ones to help you out. Again, if you are interested in helping with any of these projects, the Community Outreach Team applications are still OPEN.

Sergeant Jeffery May

The HPVC Command Team has recently been at hard work with figuring out why our numbers have been dropping and set out to figure out a better path to take as we were already experimenting with new recruitment efforts. We launched a survey which didn't get much traction but we pulled what we could from it, resulting in two immediate changes to the certification program; we have removed the Experienced Driver rank and simply merged it with the normal Certified Driver rank and we removed time based re-certifications. Instead, when a successful complaint has been filed with HPVC Command, the reported individual will need to be re-certified to reaffirm their position in the team. We’ve had quite a few losses within the team recently, resulting in just the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer being left in the command team, with a lack of regular drivers as well which we hope to see an influx of applicants with upcoming changes. We're hard at work to make this certification strive beyond our current reach. Finally, we strongly encourage everyone who has not already taken the short survey to do so. It will help us shape the team in a direction that is best for the needs of the department.

Staff Sergeant Andre Creason

Air Support has been incredibly effective recently and its usage has gone up.
Air Support has helped in COMMS during a variety of Situations and I'd like to thank every active pilot there is within ASU for making Air Support what it is.
    David Lawson,
    Jessica Taylor,
    Cody Llamas,
    Jeremy Blake,
    John McDowall,
    Zeke Swiger,
    Matti Hadley.
I have seen you fly and you really do make the Air support unit follow it's meaning.

In other news, Air Support is currently undergoing new changes and I will be releasing them publically soon, I have a couple more things to finish and I shall release them.

I'll give you a hint It'll involve more realistic roleplay and more roleplay in game. It's been on my mind to improve this unit and make it the best it can be. More news about ASU will be announced at a later date.

Second Lieutenant Evelyn Lockhart


The Investigative Services Unit of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office is the main investigative organization of the department. The unit deals with cases and crime of all kinds, from major crimes to teenage street gangs and all the way up to major organized crime organizations, often times cooperating with and working alongside the state-level San Andreas Bureau of Investigation.

The Investigative Services Unit is currently headed by Master Sergeant Jamison Everest and Detective Sergeant Jonathan Donaldson. The unit has recently undergone several major internal revamps, being split into the Gang Unit and Major Crimes Division, each sub-unit headed by Lead Detective Nicholas LaFera and Lead Detective Moses Altmann respectively. The formation of these two sub-units has completely revamped the recruitment and training process within the unit, introducing two new uniformed positions, Gang Officers and Intelligence Officers, to serve as a support role to the senior detectives and assist with identifying street gangs and investigating prominent crime-ridden areas, along with investigating organized crime organizations. A sponsor system has been introduced which will allow detectives to choose especially promising Gang & Intelligence Officers to sponsor and guide throughout Detective School after a set length of duty as a uniformed investigative officer, eventually graduating the program to serve as a senior detective.

The Investigative Services Unit has taken note of the recent influx of prominent gang activity and street crime on the streets of Blueberry, and our efforts have been intensified in the area. The nationwide war on drugs and its effects have focused on the town, and the recently formed Gang Unit and Major Crimes Division will most definitely have a positive effect on the Sheriff's Office's presence in the area. The Investigative Services Unit encourage deputies and the public to contact the department at our 911 emergency hotline and ask to speak to a detective if they have any information that would be valuable for the Sheriff's Office.

Recruitment has been changing a lot recently with new In-game interviews which provides more roleplay for the department and I invite you to come to join if you wish to partake in this roleplay.

We have new changes coming up with Correctionals being involved and I'll be working with the new Warden and the future Correctional deputies in order for Recruitment to work. Correctionals will be working closely with Recruitment and I'll also be working with Executive staff in order to make it a smooth transition.

In the upcoming Recruitment batch, I'm excited to do Recruitment the way I've known to do it for the past year and a bit as this will be the last Recruitment batch under my system. Recruitment will still be recruitment, however, it'll have a twist to it due to Corrections, furthermore, this will give us more roleplay and allow us to interact more in character.

If you wish to be apart of the Recruitment's transition feel free to throw me a PM and we'll chat about it.

Second Lieutenant Evelyn Lockhart[center]

Internal Affairs has now been renamed to the Force Investigations Unit. Recruitment will be opening shortly after the newsletter comes out. The vetting process will be long, and only the most trustworthy deputies will be allowed to become Force Investigations Deputies. This is a permanent role within the department, almost like Detectives. So far this month there has been several investigations, all of them have been closed with only one or two being successful. I look forward to seeing where this group of deputies are going to go within the department and how they'll help clean up both ICly and OOCly. I look forward to working with the deputies that make it into this part of the department.
    Investigations Stats
  • Investigations conducted: 5
  • Successful Investigations: 1
  • Unsuccessful Investigations: 4
  • Discarded Investigations (Deemed Invalid): 2
  • [b]Cases passed to report a supervisor: 1

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Office of the Sheriff

Departmental Statistics

Total Firearms

9mm Pistol: Fifty-One (51)
Desert Eagle: Three Hundred Fourty-Eight (348)
Silenced Pistol: Sixty-Six (66)

Shotgun: One Hundred Twenty Six (126)
Sawn-Off Shotgun: Thirteen (13)

Submachine Guns
MAC-10(Micro Uzi): One Hundred Ninety Four (194)
TEC-9: Ninety-nine (99)
MP5: One hundred twenty five (125)

Assault Rifles
AK-47: Eighty Eight (88)
M4: Thirteen (13)

Country Rifle: Fourty Nine (49)
Substances Seized

Cocaine: 0 grams
Weed: 0 grams
Heroin: 0 grams
Value of Seizures: $63,821,000 USD.
*All seizure statistics are correct as of 17:00, 31st August 2018.

Monthly Awards

Sergeant of the Month
Sergeant of the Month for August is Staff Sergeant MacIntyre Womack

The Supervisor of the Month Awardee this month, voted on by our Command staff and Executive Staff and goes to Sergeant MacIntyre Womack, the command team decided on this unanimously. Keep up the hard work and dedication within the department Sergeant!

Deputy of the Month
Every month we recognize the Deputy that we feel has put the most effort in, and has gone beyond the line of duty multiple times during the month.

Deputy of the Month
The Deputy of the Month for August is Detective Moses Altman

The Supervisory Staff and Command Staff have voted this month and our monthly awardee for Deputy of the Month goes to Detective Moses Altman. Between your hard work in ISU, to the constant screenshots and development you post on the RCRP forums, your hard work has not gone unnoticed! As all deputies of the month, you're awarded $50,000 and a personal cruiser for the month.

Bulk Promotions

Congratulations to the following deputies for their hard work and dedication throughout the month of August!

Image Deputy Sheriff -> Image Deputy Sheriff Bonus I
Avril Barteaux
Benjamin Behr
Frankie Clarke
Noah Parker
Ryan Hamada

This was the list given to me by Command, as it's a bit barren I will be handing out field promotions throughout the month of September to deputies I see in the field working their asses off. I'll be going through August forum work as well, looking over all of that as well. So deputies, don't fret, you'll be promoted if you deserve it.

Closing Words

Thus concludes this months newsletter. Deputies, I trust all of you to continue to put in your own hard work and dedication into the department. To those who do, I can't say it enough I'm proud of you. To those who laze around and ride on the backs of the others who put in hard work and dedication, I will find you, and I will remove you. I look forward to this month with the new recruits coming in. Treat them with respect, take them out for Field Training, show them how we should truly roleplay, take them for coffee or take breaks for meals and RP. I expect the world from y'all but I know if we all work together the world is ours.

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Head of Departmental Operations
Office of the Sheriff
Si Vis Pacem Para Belum

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Re: August Newsletter

Postby Olivia Kowalski » September 1st, 2018, 1:18 am

cool, very professional!

liking this one

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Re: August Newsletter

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very nice

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Re: August Newsletter

Postby Arthur Birmingham » September 1st, 2018, 1:21 am

Very good!

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Re: August Newsletter

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Re: August Newsletter

Postby Yago Mendoza » September 1st, 2018, 1:34 am

Congratulations y'all!

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Re: August Newsletter

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Re: August Newsletter

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congratulations boys

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Re: August Newsletter

Postby Jinxdxd » September 1st, 2018, 2:12 am


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Re: August Newsletter

Postby cholo18 » September 1st, 2018, 4:03 am

Interesting newsletter. I like the special mention about Nicholas Webb. Couldn't ask better for a happy ending of my character
gz to benny, well deserved man

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Re: August Newsletter

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Congratulations to everyone. It's a nice newsletter but I was hoping if you'd announce any updates regarding the CO scene. It's a really interesting update and players have been asking me about it in PMs aswell. It would be great if we get an update on it. Also Parking Enforcement Operator should also be officially welcomed here and the best operator of the month should've been mentioned but overall the newsletter is perfect!

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Re: August Newsletter

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An enjoyable read! Let’s have a good month!

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Re: August Newsletter

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Interesting newsletter and enjoyable to read. Congratulations everyone.

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Re: August Newsletter

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Wow, seized firearms section is lit!

Amazing newsletter and enjoyable read. Nice to know the plans and current shape of divisions. Congratulations to those who were awarded and promoted!

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Re: August Newsletter

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Wait, what's with those numbers? 63 mil out of seized weapons? I don't remember a bust resulting in 300 deagles found? Enlighten me please

Good read!

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