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July Newsletter

Postby Jake Anderson » August 2nd, 2018, 12:54 am


Opening Words

Hello and Welcome to the July edition of the monthly newsletter for the San Andreas County Sheriff’s Office. I’m a new addition to the Executive Team in the SACSO & I’m looking forward for my time here and looking to the future to better the department both physically and paperwise. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and began my law enforcement career as a police officer in the City of Chicago in 1998 as a Patrol Officer. I quickly went into the forensics division and took up a spot in the Federal Bureau of investigation as a FBI analyst into gang and gun crime. I was placed into the San Andreas State Police in 2016 as a observer and consultant to the Colonel. I was quickly brought on by the San Andreas State Police fully and given Lieutenant where I was then promoted to Major, the San Andreas State Police disbanded and was taken by the SACSO where I have come back to work my way up to Assistant Sheriff.

I’m deeply humbled by the faith and confidence that the Sheriff has placed in me and pledge to work tirelessly for the betterment of the entire Red County community. We have a strong and dedicated team of professionals, both sworn and civilian, here at the Sheriff’s Office that I am honored to lead. As Sheriff, my priorities will include combating gun crime, protecting the citizens of Red County, strengthening neighborhoods, expanding community outreach efforts and maintaining open lines of communication. I also will place a high priority on encouraging innovation and creativity in the workplace. To be successful, all of this requires strong bonds of partnership with the community and everyone working together. For those who don’t know me, I’m not one to spend all of my time sitting behind a desk. Expect to see me out and about in the community, responding to scenes, meeting with citizens and working for you.

I’m aiming high in ambitions with the release of a few new courses that will be open to all sworn SACSO Deputies. There are two courses and they both contain vital life saving and critical decision making information that I recommend every employee take time out to take these courses; The Tactical Awareness Course & Basic First Aid. These two courses will teach Deputies how to be more aware in the field and what to look for during person and vehicle searches, active shooter situations and a better knowledge towards felony stops and high risk warrants. The Basic first aid course will teach deputies vital and critical information on how to keep a Deputy in the field alive and able to keep themselves in the fight longer to protect themselves and other civilians in the tri-counties.

Assistant Sheriff Nathaniel Bauer
Head of Operational Services

Over the last month since my promotion, we have seen a lot of structural changes to the Supervisory and Command Staff. We've seen the likes of Mike Miller resign, which has mixed comments throughout the SACSO. Some changes will be listed below this opening statement.

I am proud to see just how much we've improved since the Executive Staff was revised by Sheriff Anderson. We've worked hard to push changes all across the ranking brackets, and within some divisions, especially the Patrol Services Unit. We've also seen the Supervisory Staff improve ten fold over the last six months, thanks to a hard working Lieutenant Arnett and Captain Roberts. Overall, I feel we, as a department, have improved on many things, however there is still a long road ahead to push this department to its fullest potential, and its highest standard.

Recent Changes:
  • Director of Patrol Services: First Lieutenant Matthew Lynch
  • Director of the Command Staff: Assistant Sheriff Jason Kennedy
  • Director of the Supervisory Staff: Captain Anthony Roberts
  • Master Sergeant: Eric Matthews
  • Director of ESU: Second Lieutenant Andy Colins
  • SWAT Commander: Second Lieutenant Noah Arnett

With the changes above, I feel we will be able to reach our highest potential as these Deputies and commissioned officers work as hard as possible to improve their respective divisions, whilst serving the citizens of San Andreas.

I will be working with the Executive Staff to solve one issue we've had for awhile now, which is communication with the public. Our public relations are shoddy at best, and that should change. I feel the public should know more of what we're doing to help improve the safety of their communities, and should also know that the Sheriff's Office and its Deputies are there for them. More information about this will be released in the next month. For now, the public should know we are improving on everything we stand for and work for, and are always doing so.

Assistant Sheriff Jason Kennedy

Departmental Changes

There are a lot of departmental changes happening with this newsletter, the first of these changes that will be addressed is the new ranks, and names of different positions within the department.

Deputy Sheriff Generalists will now be known as Deputy Sheriff Cadets.
Deputy Sheriff I will now be known as Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff II will now be known as Deputy Sheriff Bonus I
Deputy Sheriff III will now be known as Deputy Sheriff Bonus II
Corporal has been removed has been replaced with Master Deputy
Permanent Detectives are now refered to as Detective Deputies.

Internal Affairs will have it's own rank these deputies will be refereed to as Force Investigation Deputies.
Everyone's favorite civilian role is making a return.

All ranks will be put in place accordingly here within the coming hours, if you notice your rank is incorrect ingame, please contact a Command member to fix it.


Next is something that is going to hurt feelings, changes to pursuit protocols. From here on out, two wheeled vehicles and motorbikes are not to be pursued unless the following conditions are met.
  • Suspect is wanted for a felony other than evasion.
  • Suspect is armed and dangerous.
  • Letting said suspect go, could lead to another felony or someone getting hurt in the future (Tenn. V. Garner)

It's time to stop pursuing vehicles that put civilians and officers at risk. Moving on to standard pursuits, in most situations there should not be more than Four (4) units in a pursuit, the only time there should be more than four is when the following conditions are met:
  • The suspect is armed and has fired upon officers.
  • The vehicle is able to outpace our normal cruisers and a High Speed Unit is required.
  • Suspect is related to a code 0 situation.
The goal is to slow down on all the pursuits, and take a moment to focus on RP. There is more to roleplaying a deputy than just shootouts and '57s. Take some time, respond to normal niners if even they are by parkrats, sometimes you can discover some really good RP this way.

The new unit folders are in full effect, more information can be found here. Please make sure you have filled out your folder and put everything in place correctly, as stated on the thread any member who's folder is not in place by Saturday will be dishonorably discharged from the department.

Desk of the Sheriff

A lot of changes this month, I want to go over a few things in the Desk of the Sheriff. First of these things is something I want to get across to you guys. I know my responsibility as Sheriff is to run the department and keep the department running efficiently, but there's another part that some "leaders" don't follow through with. I want y'all to know, I'm here for you regardless of the situation, if you're having a tough time and need someone to talk to, don't be afraid to reach out, shoot me a PM on discord or on the forums, I have my phone on me and I check both discord and the forums regularly. I don't know you all personally, but you're in my department, and if you're in my department, even if I don't like you, I will not turn down someone in need. If you're having a tough time at home, work, or just having a rough time in general, shoot me a PM, even if it's just to get it off your chest. Y'all are important to me, and if there's anything I can do to help, by all means, I'm going to. My discord is That'MuricanGuy#1649, and you can also catch me on TS, or shoot me a forum PM.

In the words of an unprofessional person who didn't lead a department correctly; Moving forward! I'm bringing a new bureau back into the department, that being the Office of the Sheriff, I'll be starting the Office of the Sheriff with Internal Affairs, all members of the current Internal Affairs will be removed, and applications will open shortly thereafter. Internal Affairs is in rough shape and I plan to fix that up. Internal Affair Investigators will soon by a career within the department, much like permanent detectives, deputies will be able to follow this career path and be a permanent Internal Affairs member. This new internal affairs will be much more public than prior IA's, members of the new IA will be known to the members of the department, and these investigators will be allowed to patrol and monitor scenes as needed/requested.

I plan to have the new Handbook finished by the end of August prior to the new batch of Cadets this new handbook is going to be completely in a google doc, but the way it's laid out should make it easier to use than the current handbook. Another thing I wanted to discuss is Districts and Precincts, these are nowhere near done, but the plan is to have three Districts comprised of two precincts each. These precincts will consist of towns in both Red, and Bone counties. We may spread out and get Flint county into a district in the future, but at the current time there seems to be no need to either increase patrols out there, nor force deputies to be out there. Continuing, in short when deputies get online, they'll call their 10-30 and request to be assigned to a precinct, in which a supervisor online at the time will assign them. This also opens up the possibility for Dispatch once again. Dispatch could handle the job of the supervisor at this point. More information regarding districts and precincts coming within the following weeks.

In terms of Office of the Sheriff positions I have coming open. For the first little bit Cybercrimes and Legal will be parts of the Office of the Sheriff. With that being said, Legal is in dire need of deputies who are interested in law, I'd continue to handle all the legal stuff for the SACSO but between other responsibilities it becomes hard to keep up with every legal case, hence why we lose a legal case to it defaulting from time to time. If you're interested in this legal position please shoot me a PM, and detail why you think you'd be a good fit. Cybercrimes will have a interest form coming out here within the coming weeks as well. Cybercrimes will be in charge of keeping an eye on the normal forums General IC area, as well as dealing with any cyber security threats if they should ever happen. Cybercrime members will be allowed access to the deepweb and other grey areas of the internet to investigate crimes. Cybercrimes will be working closely with ISU.

Promotions and the way they go about. I plan on enacting changes into the way deputies are getting promoted. Executive Staff, Command Staff, and even Supervisory Staff will be involved in these new plans. I plan on basing promotions on knowledge, TiG (or time in grade) and duty reports. Following up with the knowledge part, ES, CS, and SS, will start designing classes, these classes will be based on anything from IC knowledge like Investigation Techniques 101 and 102 to OOC stuff like Forums 101, and 201 to learn how to manage the forums correctly to prevent future failures and issues. So for example, say you want to move from Deputy Sheriff Bonus I to Bonus II, you'll need 60 days Time in Grade, at least 20-30 Duty reports, and Investigation Techniques 101. A Sergeant or someone of correct rank will host this class on a Weekly/Bi-Weekly basis, classes are aimed to be at most an hour long for NCO-Supervisory ranks, and possibly increasing in length as you go higher in the ranking bracket. This is to be worked on and is not set in stone, but so far all responses have been positive and support this idea.

Divisional Updates


This month from the High Speed Vehicle Certification team, myself, my Deputy Director and Instructors have been experimenting with new ideas in order to increase the effectiveness of our certified deputies. This involves looking into implementing a high speed training course that all drivers would require before applying to become a certified driver. This partially arose from safety concerns of taking applicants at their word for experience and being thrown into a high performance vehicles with little to no practice, placing the applicants at risk, and high amounts of wear and tear on the active fleet; however, nothing is in stone.
In regards to the fleet, a recent change in department fund allocation warranted the removal of the Infernus from the fleet due to its high maintenance costs-to-usage ratio. After a short evaluation, we ultimately ended up replacing it with a Turismo that has a lower base maintenance cost. We will be evaluating its position in the fleet over time.
High Speed Vehicle Certification Director
Sergeant Andre Creason

I would like so space in the Newsletter to talk about Community Relations and to address the revamp and the fact that the applications are now open.

Community Outreach, formerly known as Public Affairs, has been reworked during the last two months. Former Lieutenant Steven OConners left behind a division in the early stages of its development and I, Jeffrey May, was appointed to build further on his foundations.

Community Outreach is a team of deputies that constantly work with the civilians of the Red, Bone and Flint county to make sure their voices are heard and to create a transparent information flow from and to the people we serve as a department. As a Community Outreach Team member, you engage in many social conversations with people around the streets, liaise with other organizations and communities, write press releases to release departmental wide statements and organize some great events to show our presence in society.

The applications of our division are now open. We are looking for individuals that would describe themselves as social, loyal and self-conscious. After submitting your application you will follow a training process in which you will develop yourself as a representative of the department to in the end reach the three red stripes that stand from being a San Andreas County Sheriff's Office Spokes(wo)man.


With Mike Miller resigning from his place in the Sheriff's Office I was assigned Commanding Officer. I have made multiple changes to the unit and there's still many more to come; I've changed the application process a little, updated the handbook to be more up to date, added new protocols for the better of the unit. Whilst I am the Commanding Ofifcer, I will get the Unit to the standard it should be at. We are looking to working more with SWAT. We are currently recruiting and we suggest you give it a go if you're interested. We now only refer to Canine as "Canine Unit" rather than Services.

K-9 Monthly Stats:
Deployments: 24
Seizures: 2
Total Canine Patrols: 29

Parking Enforcement Unit

As some of you might have heard, the Parking Enforcement Unit is making a return.
The Parking Enforcement Unit will serve as a sub-division under the Traffic Enforcement team with Ryan Matthews and Frank Hudson taking the lead of this division we hope to see it come back as a well-oiled machine so we can start keeping the roads clean of illegally parked cars which will have a positive effect on our day to day job as chasing fugitives will now be a lot safer as there are going to be fewer obstacles to bump into.

We shall post more information in the upcoming few weeks and keep an eye out because, alongside the information that will be posted, we are going to open recruitment soon.

Commanding Officer Ryan Matthews,
Parking Enforcement Unit.

Departmental Statistics


Firearms Seized

9mm Pistol: Zero (0)
Desert Eagle: Two (2)
Silenced Pistol: Zero (0)

Shotgun: Two (2)
Sawn-Off Shotgun: Zero (0)

Submachine Guns
MAC-10(Micro Uzi): Zero (0)
TEC-9: Two (2)
MP5: Zero (0)

Assault Rifles
AK-47: One (1)
M4: Zero (0)

Country Rifle: Zero (0)
Substances Seized

Cocaine: 0 grams
Weed: 0 grams
Heroin: 0 grams
Value of Seizures: $394,000 USD.
*All seizure statistics are correct as of 17:00, 30th June 2018.


In the period of July - August 2018 there were 57 traffic citations isssued. The highest number of citations isssued was in and around Palomino Creek area, totaling up to (36.8%) and Montgomery following behind with (33.3%).

Traffic Citation Statistics:
The highest number of citations issued was due to Failure to Yield (19 | 33.3%) this month, with Careless Driving offences coming in second (12 | 21.1%) and Speeding following behind with (11 | 19.3%). The State has issued a total of $42,100 this month to drivers who have committed road offences.

Vehicle Citation Statistics:
  • Motorcycle(s) - 21.1%%
  • Coupe(s) - 26.3%
  • Sedan(s) - 17.5%
  • Pickup(s) - 7%
  • SUV(s) - 8.8%
  • Light Commercial Vehicle(s) - 17.5%
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle(s) - 0.0%
  • Government Vehicle(s) - 0.0%
  • Off-Road Vehicle(s) - 1.8%
  • Agricultural Vehicle(s) - 0.0%

Issued Citation Statistics:
  • Careless Driving - 21.1%
  • Driving a Damaged Vehicle - 5.3%
  • Driving a With a Suspended License - 0.0%
  • Driving without A License - 0.0%
  • Driving without Headlights - 17.5%
  • Failure to Yield - 33.%
  • Illegal U-Turn - 7%
  • Improper Parking - 0.0%
  • Obstructing A License Plate - 1.8%
  • Operating A Motorbike Without A Helmet - 8.8%
  • Reckless Driving - 3.5%
  • Use of Cellular Devices During Traffic - 0.0%
  • Tailgating - 0.0%
  • Speeding - 19.3%

Citation Location Statistics:
  • Dillimore - 1.8%
  • Palomino Creek - 36.8%
  • Montgomery - 33.3%
  • Blueberry - 1.8%
  • Fort Carson - 0.0%
  • Route 25 - 3.5%
  • Route 26 - 0.0%
  • Route 127 - 0.0%
  • Route 226 - 0.0%
  • 425 N - 0.0%
  • 425 E - 0.0%
  • 425 W - 0.0%
  • 425 S - 0.0%
  • Route 207 - 0.0%
  • Route 87 - 0.0%
  • Route 85 - 0.0%
  • Route 48 - 14%
  • Route 46 - 5.3%
  • Route 19 - 0.0%
  • Route 17 - 0.0%
  • Route 15 - 0.0%
  • Route 13 - 0.0%
  • Route 11 - 1.8%
  • Route 9 - 0.0%
  • Route 7 - 0.0%
  • Route 4 - 1.8%
  • Route 3 - 0.0%
  • Route 2 -0.0%
  • Route 1 - 0.0%

This month we've seen a decrease in overall citations, however, Traffic Offences like Failure to Yield & Careless Driving still causing disruption to the roads of the County. The Parking Enforcement Unit will be making a return to the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office in August and will be looking for new employees!

Bulk Promotions

Congratulations to the following deputies for their hard work and dedication throughout the month of May!

Image Deputy Sheriff -> Image Deputy Sheriff Bonus I
Charley Copperfield
Dennis Shelby
Ivan Sudarikov
Matt Ramirez
Megan Williams
Terry Richardson
Thomas Wertz
Veronica Alexandra

Due to new rank changes, ranks above DSBI will not be promoted this month.

Monthly Awards

Sergeant of the Month
Sergeant of the Month for July is Staff Sergeant Chris Diaz

The Supervisor of the Month Awardee this month, voted on by our Command staff and Executive Staff and goes to Staff Sergeant Chris Diaz, keep up the hard work and continue to dedicate your time and effort into the department and we might just see you climbing into the Command Staff.

Deputy of the Month
Every month we recognize the Deputy that we feel has put the most effort in, and has gone beyond the line of duty multiple times during the month.

Deputy of the Month
The Deputy of the Month for July is Deputy Ryan Matthews

The Supervisory Staff and Command Staff have voted this month and our monthly awardee for Deputy of the Month goes to Deputy Ryan Matthews. Your work hasn't gone unnoticed so congratulations and keep up the good work. You are also rewarded with a personal cruiser for month and a cash payment of $50,000!

Closing Words

Thus concludes this months newsletter. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your hard work and dedication into the department. This department would not be running without you. Major shout out to the new members of the Executive Staff, they have proven their worth multiple times over so far. Thank you to the Command Team for handling stuff when the ES isn't around, and thanks to the Supervisory staff for herding everyone around in the field. I look forward to the coming months within the department, with some of these planned changes, I can see a great future within the SACSO.

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Head of Departmental Operations
Office of the Sheriff
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Re: July Newsletter

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Re: July Newsletter

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Second, finally my first division is back in the field!
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Very fancy!

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Congratz everyone.

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deputy sheriff bonus and master deputy

well done you've turned the SO into a fucking game show

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gratz. glad to see parking enforcement coming in again.

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Good shtuff.

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Well deserved Diaz and Matthews!

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David Lawson wrote:deputy sheriff bonus and master deputy

well done you've turned the SO into a fucking game show

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