Parking Enforcement Unit - Operator Complaints

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Parking Enforcement Unit - Operator Complaints

Postby SA County Sheriff's Office » July 23rd, 2018, 10:55 pm

Traffic Enforcement Unit
Parking Enforcement - Complaints

This forum is for members of the public to report a Parking Enforcement Officer. It is to be used so that both members of the public and San Andreas County Sheriff Deputies can report any wrongdoings of a Parking Enforcement Operator whether it be In Character or Out of Character. - This complaint forum is not to be used to report any matters of Operator corruption reports as you will need to see this forum for corruption reports (

All complaints should be addressed to PEU Commander Mike Miller or PEU Deputy Commander Raymond Cooper via a personal PM using the format below. The title of the message should be of the following:

PEO Complaint | JOHN DOE [Name of PEO]

We will aim to keep you up to date and will inform you of a verdict once we have investigated the matter, keeping you in the loop throughout the course of the complaint.

Complainant Name: [ANSWER HERE]
Complainant Contact Number: [ANSWER HERE]

PEO Rank: [If Applicable else N/A]
Date/s concerning the complaint: [ANSWER HERE]
Reason for complaint: [ANSWER HERE]
Evidence for complaint:
Evidence of complaint should go here: show

What outcome are you hoping for: [ANSWER HERE]

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[legend=#142421| Complaint Forum |]#FFFFFF[indent=1][b]Complainant Name:[/b] [ANSWER HERE]
[b]Complainant Contact Number:[/b]  [ANSWER HERE][hr][/hr]
[b]PEO Rank:[/b] [If Applicable else N/A]
[b]PEO Name:[/b] [ANSWER HERE]
[b]Date/s concerning the complaint:[/b]  [ANSWER HERE]
[b]Reason for complaint:[/b] [ANSWER HERE]
[b] Evidence for complaint:[/b] [spoiler=Evidence of complaint should go here][img][ANSWER%20HERE][/img][/spoiler]
[b]What outcome are you hoping for:[/b] [ANSWER HERE][/indent][/legend]

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