June Newsletter

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Retired High Command
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June Newsletter

Postby Jake Anderson » July 1st, 2018, 4:17 am


Opening Words

Dear All,

Welcome to your June Newsletter, I hope you are all well and feeling excited for the next month ahead.
As you will all know, there have been some changes to the department over the last few weeks, with the departure of Assistant Sheriff's Hobbs and Peircen, it has fallen down to me to pick up the slack and cover all areas of this newsletter as best I can.

This department is finding itself in a difficult situation at the moment, the lacking of numbers in Executive Staff is not helpful at all and in an effort to not deteriorate matters, I am staying quite comfortably where I am, prepared to put the work in to help return this department to where it should be. I look for the continued support and dedication from my constituent Command and Supervisory Staff to help me and Sheriff Anderson shape this department back up to where it should be.

Aside from this, there has been a lot of positive work done by Deputies this month and it has not gone unnoticed despite the difficulties we've experienced this month so keep reading!

Assistant Sheriff Christopher Kenway

Desk of the Sheriff

Deputies, thanks for taking a look at this months newsletter, before you continue I want to address a few things. As most of you saw, we lost two members of the Executive Staff, Hobbs and Piercen, I want to make it very clear that the department will continue to operate without these two members. Before I left for vacation I made it clear that there were issues within the faction, and that when I returned from vacation we were to begin work on some of these problems. Both of these members left for their own respective reasons, and I won't stop them nor beg them to stay. Now that I'm back from vacation changes are going to be seen within the department, today, Command Staff and myself sat down for a lengthy meeting, details of which will be listed in it's own section of the newsletter. Something the command team and myself discussed is making the details of our meetings somewhat public allowing members of the faction to see the topics we were discussing and some minor details behind them. I've moved up Major Swanson to the Executive Staff, Swanson has improved vastly ever since he committed mass homicide in the roll call room. Jim and myself look forward to him working in the Executive Staff.

Another thing I wanted to bring up is the United States Forest Services, members of the command team and executive staff sat down with the leadership of the USFS, to discuss potential problems as well work towards some agreements, ES and CS laid out what we want to see in terms of jurisdictional lines, and where and where not to get involved with SACSO investigations. More details are to come out as talks continue.

As always enjoy this month's newsletter, if you have any questions comments or concerns please, contact me or a member of the Supervisory Team, Command Team, or Executive Staff.

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Department Head

Captain's Speech

.As usual, I would like to remind our employees that during the summer we expect the number of citizens and the 911 calls to increase, more citizens means more vehicles and more vehicles means a higher chance of collision because of low visibility weather conditions or night time or even in main roads inside the towns in Red County. I would like to encourage our deputies to interact with the community more often when there is nothing going on and the shift is quiet, there are always minor things you can help with, doing so not only helps our public imagine and our reputation with the community but also can affect your career whether the citizen commended you or a supervisor noticed your actions and decided to commend you to the Command Staff.
The second thing I want to point to today is the relations between the supervisors and the Non Commissioned Officers. I personally feel like there is a gap that keeps growing slowly despite my efforts to talk with deputies while on duty and see what's on their mind. If you feel like you're being ignored, lost your motivation or in trouble and can't find anyone then I will be more than welcome to sit with you and hear you, I want everyone to understand that your voice matters to us.

Captain Mike Miller

Command Team Meeting Notes

  • New Handbook
    Executive Staff has begun a complete rewrite of the handbook, and Volume I is almost completely rewriten.
  • Patrol Services Unit
    PSU was brought up in the meeting talking about how it can lead to robocop tendencies, Command Staff and Executive Staff are actively working to find a better way to handle promotions, talks about getting supervisory staff more involved are underway.
  • Executive Staff, Command Staff relations.
    First step towards fixing a problem is admitting there is one, communication between ES and CS has been lacking lately, this was addressed during the meeting, and we are going to actively work more closely, to rebuild a strong communication and trust between the two groups.
  • Bureau overhauls
    Discussions over redoing bureaus was discussed, instead of bureaus being directly under Executive Staff, we are going to look into a new hierarchy that gets Command Staff more involved, instead of everyone reporting to Executive Staff.
  • Faction Review discussion
    Discussion was underway discussing some of the issues brought up in our faction review thread, some of these problems are directly addressed above.
  • Weapon Qualifications
    Discussion was underway regarding the possibility of adding qualifications to all weapons within the department and the integration that can be included in the academy.
  • New Administrative Folders
    Anderson is currently drafting up a new way to handle duty reports, and the administrative folders within the department, pushing for a more condensed and simplified approach.
  • ATU
    Discussion went underway and an agreement was made, the academy is going to be done completely in-game from here on out, no more teamspeak to teach the academy.
  • Roll-Calls
    Roll-Calls are to be done completely in-game for the time being and teamspeak is not to be used to do roll-calls. This decision was unanimous by the Command Staff after a short discussion. Supervisors are expected to only get out vital information, information like who is recruiting is to be done on the employee notice board.

Divisional Updates


This month has been hectic for the Supervisory Staff as people move up and down and shift through ranks. Several Sergeants have resigned recently, but with the opening of SiT, we have many bright, new faces showing their skills in the field, working with NCOs on general field duties as well as divisional command work.

With the Supervisory Staff maxed out, we now have a total of sixteen Sergeants, with four in the Staff Sergeant bracket and one Master Sergeant. I'd like to congratulate Staff Sergeants Lockhart, Matthews, Washington and Ferguson for their promotions to Staff Sergeant, and I wish them well in their senior positions within the Supervisory Staff.

The Master Sergeant rank, previously filled by former MSG Nicholas Webb, has been filled by Noah Arnett, a well seasoned supervisor within the Supervisory Staff who has a lot of experience with division management. He'll now be working as the Deputy Director of the Supervisory Staff, in charge of the Sergeant Training Program.

The Supervisory Staff is once again working at its fullest potential, with even more improvements coming in the future. Our Sergeants are always working hard to ensure our Deputies are serving the public fully and enforcing our protocols and guidelines, especially our Five Foundations. We'll continue these improvements in the coming months, as we keep working to improve our supervisory staff's efficiency.

Assistant Sheriff Raegan Swanson
Director of the Supervisory Staff



Development/Training; I'm hopefully going to have the team up and running again at full capacity to which I can have the team in top notch again and running at full capacity.

New Command Team; Since passing of Commanders from Jeremiah to myself, I'm hopefully going to get the command structure of the team up and running and have regular training again on the weekly and hopefully have the team up and running back again after a small slip-up.

In the coming months I will try and improve the team the best I can. Due to a irregularity in numbers, we are unable to gather all of our call numbers from this month and cannot provide you with them, we apologize for this inconvenience.

Captain Nathaniel Bauer
Special Weapons & Tactics Commanding Officer


Hello there, fellow deputies of San Andreas County Sheriff's Office. As Canine Services Deputy Commander I would like to invite all the canine lovers of this department to join our unit. Our job doesn't consist only in being serious every time, it also consists in making a bond between the canine and the handler to enforce the friendship and the fun, to combine the joy with the duty. We have fun here but when it comes to a situation we are 200% into it and the canines are trained to be the same. I honestly cannot wait to review your applications and I honestly expect the soon to be ex-Generalists to apply.

Corporal Robert Pittman
Deputy Commander of the K9 Services

This month has been a great improvement for the Recruitment and Department as a whole. The Sheriff gave us a goal of 20 applicants and we reached 33, this to me is amazing. Despite having many discharged we are keeping those who represent the department the best.

I would personally like to thank all the Recruitment officers for their work and resilience throughout the unit as I know the last batch we only had SIX applicants, this is a huge improvement and I can't wait to work with you all in the field and see you progress through the ranks.

Recruitment will now for the next batch be slotted into the Correctionals and will undergo a huge change as we'll have a new system in place, not only will we be getting more stricter with the applicants, we will be working incredibly closely with the Correctional Officers themselves.

During the Recruitment batch, I'm proud to introduce a Deputy Director as I've been leading this unit since SASP 2017. Staff Sergeant Lorenzo Washington has shown great interest in becoming the Units Deputy Director for the sake of helping myself and everyone else. Here are his comments on the batch.

June of 2018 was a very eventful month in terms of recruitment and academic training. At the start of San Andreas County Sheriff's Office Academy batch #06, Recruitment Unit chose 33 out of the initial 53 applicants to move onto the academy student phase. That's a turnout of 62.2% out of all applicants moving onto the next stage.

After the recruitment stage 33 applicants were inducted into our academy phase. During careful consideration and guidance from the academy instructors and supervisors 7 of the applicants were removed from the process and deemed unfit for the department. The remaining 26 were on their way to the Academy #06 and learned the ropes of police work from our best and brightest deputies and instructors. In a surprising turn of events 24 out of 26 academy students successfully finished their exam and were inducted as Deputy Sheriff Generalists of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office - their first step towards being a fully fledged law enforcement officers of the San Andreas County.

If we talk statistics, 45.3% of the initial recruitment applicants made their way into the Deputy Sheriff Generalist bracket of our department. Executive, Command and Supervisory teams are thrilled about a turnout this high and we can hope that next batch of recruitment will bring even better results.

As a closing note, we would like to wish the best of luck to those who didn't make the cut and encourage them to try out for the next batch. We are sure that the experience gained during their brief recruitment process will be enough to give them the edge during the next recruitment window.

We are extremely happy about those who made it through and now are in our ranks as Deputy Sheriff Generalists and all of you are on your way to become great deputies in our Sheriff's Office. With the guidance of our experienced Field Training Deputies you are on your way to being the best of the best!

If you wish to join in the future feel free to apply I always look at the best in people and am always looking for improvement and constructive criticism, send Lorenzo and myself a PM with what you think could change or improve and we'll place it into our discussion board for further discussion!

Overall I'd like to welcome all of the new Generalists soon to be Deputy Sheriffs, I'm excited for the future and I hope to see you all around.

Image Image
Director of Recruitment, Deputy Director of Recruitment,
Evelyn Lockhart, Lorenzo Washington


The Investigative Services Unit functions as the investigative body of the department and deals with organized crime of all kinds within the department's local jurisdiction. Master Sergeant Noah Arnett has built a team consisting of Staff Sergeant Eric Matthews, Sergeant Daniel Winters and Sergeant Jamison Everest who are working as detective sergeants within the unit's command staff to ensure its optimal functioning. The Detective School has been put in motion — a training program designated to train and develop future investigators within the department. We also hope to see the return of Permanent Detective roles, as this has been a suggestion accepted by the NCOs and the Supervisory Staff, and forwarded to the department's leadership for review this month.

In recent events, we feel it is necessary to advise deputies and the public of a feud put to an end in the town of Blueberry. The Lokos 13 street gang has been abolished, following efforts of our detectives in collaboration with other agencies. Gang activity still becomes an issue within the county and especially within the aforementioned town. Drug trafficking and the war on drugs continues to be one of the major focus of our operations in these cases, yet there are select groups which become more and more violent nowadays, hence we advise local residents and visitors to be aware. We suggest all citizens who have valuable information about a crime to contact the 911 emergency service and ask for a detective to speak to.

(( This unit has had many names and has functioned under many structures. We aim to provide realistic investigative role-play to all illegal factions and groups of the community. We strive for realism, as we think that a realistic approach to role-playing makes both parties enjoy our encounters. It has been a tedious task to steer the mentality of police role-players into this direction, hence I have made drastic decisions for this goal. I am happy to say now that all members of the ISU have this mindset and we are committed to do whatever it is necessary to improve more and provide quality police role-play to the server, not to police it. You may send any OOC concerns about ISU to Khaleesi. ))



In the period of June - July 2018 there were 67 traffic citations isssued. The highest number of citations isssued was in and around Palomino Creek area, totaling up to (43.9%) with Route 48 following behind with (22.7%).

Traffic Citation Statistics:
The highest number of citations issued was due to Speeding (25|37.3%) this month, with Driving Without Headlights offences coming in second (17 | 25.4%) and Failure to Yield following behind with (13 | 19.4%). The State has issued a total of $105,925 this month to drivers who have committed road offences.

Vehicle Citation Statistics:
  • Motorcycle(s) - 15.2%
  • Coupe(s) - 31.8%
  • Sedan(s) - 19.7%
  • Pickup(s) - 0.0%
  • SUV(s) - 12.1%
  • Light Commercial Vehicle(s) - 21.2%
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle(s) - 0.0%
  • Government Vehicle(s) - 0.0%
  • Agricultural Vehicle(s) - 0.0%

Issued Citation Statistics:
  • Careless Driving - 6%
  • Driving a Damaged Vehicle - 3%
  • Driving a With a Suspended License - 0.0%
  • Driving without A License - 2%
  • Driving without Headlights - 25.4%
  • Failure to Yield - 19.4%
  • Illegal U-Turn - 1.5%
  • Improper Parking - 0.0%
  • Obstructing A License Plate - 0.0%
  • Operating A Motorbike Without A Helmet - 6%
  • Reckless Driving - 17.9%
  • Use of Cellular Devices During Traffic - 1.5%
  • Tailgating - 0.0%
  • Speeding - 37.3%

Citation Location Statistics:
  • Dillimore - 0.0%
  • Palomino Creek - 43.9%
  • Montgomery - 19.7%
  • Blueberry - 3%
  • Fort Carson - 0.0%
  • Route 25 - 0.0%
  • Route 26 - 0.0%
  • Route 127 - 0.0%
  • Route 226 - 0.0%
  • 425 N - 0.0%
  • 425 E - 0.0%
  • 425 W - 0.0%
  • 425 S - 0.0%
  • Route 207 - 0.0%
  • Route 87 - 0.0%
  • Route 85 - 0.0%
  • Route 48 - 22.7%
  • Route 46 - 3%
  • Route 19 - 0.0%
  • Route 17 - 0.0%
  • Route 15 - 0.0%
  • Route 13 - 1.5%
  • Route 11 - 3%
  • Route 9 - 0.0%
  • Route 7 - 1.5%
  • Route 4 - 1.5%
  • Route 3 - 0.0%
  • Route 2 -0.0%
  • Route 1 - 0.0%

This month we've seen an increase in minor Traffic Offences like Driving without Headlights & Operating A Motorbike Without A Helmet, however, this month saw an minor drop in the number of citations issues for Speeding and Reckless Driving. This month also saw total decrease in Heavy Good Vehicles being stopped by Traffic Units indicating an increase of driver awareness and safety. We hope that this information will encourage road users to take more care while driving on the road, especially in the areas of speed and yielding at intersections.


Executive Staff - 3
Image Sheriff - 1
Image Undersheriff - 0
Image Assistant Sheriff - 2

Command Staff - 5
Image Major - 0
Image Captain - 1
Image Lieutenants (1Lt&2Lt) - 4

Supervisory Staff - 15
Master Sergeant - 1
Staff Sergeant CiT - 0
Staff Sergeant - 4
Sergeant - 10
Corporal (Sergeant in Training) - 0

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers - 16
Corporal - 5
Deputy Sheriff III - 11

Junior Non-Commissioned Officers - 60
Deputy Sheriff II - 14
Deputy Sheriff I - 24
Deputy Sheriff Generalist - 22

Civilian Roles - 0 (0%)
San Andreas Correctional Deputy

Overall Employees - 99 (+23)
Plus and minus statistics are as per previously released newsletter.

As the new recruits move into their Field Training stages, First Lieutenant Frederick Harris, Director of Field Training has provided some interesting statistics on Academy results and Group divisions.

Total Accepted Applications: 33 Applications.
Total Exam Taken: 26 Students.

Group A: 5 Students.
Group B: 19 Students.
Failed: 2 Students.


I wish all the Deputy Sheriff Generalists the best of luck in their Field Training stages. This stage of your training is vital to giving you experience in the field, allowing you to put everything you have learnt in the Academy into practice. You've worked hard to get to this point, keep it up! A mention to all Field Training Deputies, continue your great work in developing these Generalists, thank you for your time and dedication up to now and i'm sure the Generalists are very thankful for your support.


Firearms Seized

9mm Pistol: One (1)
Desert Eagle: Zero (0)
Silenced Pistol: Zero (0)

Shotgun: Two (2)
Sawn-Off Shotgun: Zero (0)

Submachine Guns
MAC-10(Micro Uzi): One (1)
TEC-9: One (1)
MP5: One (1)

Assault Rifles
AK-47: One (1)
M4: Zero (0)

Country Rifle: Zero (0)
Substances Seized

Cocaine: 0 grams
Weed: 0 grams
Heroin: 0 grams
Value of Seizures: $404,000 USD.
*All seizure statistics are correct as of 17:00, 30th June 2018.

Welcome Generalists

Hello, and congrulations to the recently inducted Generalists, I wish you luck on your first patrols as generalists in the SACSO, I hope you are able to learn a lot and help improve the county in your first few weeks as generalists! Congratulations to the following:
Academy Batch #6

Group A:
Adrian Carvajal
Alex Henson
James Reynolds
Megan Williams
Zachary Ensleu

Group B:
Charley Copperfield
Steven Patterson
Jerome Williamson
Veronica Alexandra
Ivan Sudarikov
Sarah Sullivan
Ryan Hamada
Dennis Shelby
Adam Jameson
David Jones
Isuzu Mishimoto
Frank Dalton
Benjamin Behr
Rick Ferrie
Timothy Januszyk
Moses Altmann
Michelle Rylie

Congratulations and good luck to those listed above, I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Monthly Awards

Monthly Awards

Sergeant of the Month
Sergeant of the Month for May is Staff Sergeant Evelyn Lockhart

The Supervisor of the Month Awardee this month, voted on by our Command staff and Executive Staff and goes to Staff Sergeant Evelyn Lockhart. Her personal improvements have been noticed by all with her dedication and effort shown through her Unit work and through her exceptional work in the field. She is developing into a very strong candidate for future promotion. Congratulations and keep it up.
The personal cruiser is awarded to her for the month as well as a $50,000 cash prize!

Deputy of the Month
Every month we recognize the Deputy that we feel has put the most effort in, and has gone beyond the line of duty multiple times during the month.

Deputy of the Month
The Deputy of the Month for June is Deputy Logan Thornton

The Supervisory Staff and Command Staff have voted this month and our monthly awardee for Deputy of the Month goes to Deputy Logan Thornton. Throughout the month this deputy has dedicated himself to his work within the Investigative Services Unit, which was commented on by many Sergeants in the voting stage for this month's selection. Your work hasn't gone unnoticed so congratulations and keep up the good work. You are also rewarded with a personal cruiser for month and a cash payment of $50,000!

Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mentions is where we recognize those who have put in noticeable effort and work into the department and deserve to be reognized, each member listed below is rewarded $10,000 for their efforts, please contact a member of the Command Staff or Executive Staff to receive your pay.
John McDowall
Information: Second in the vote for Deputy of the Month. Your efforts are not going unnoticed so keep it up and maybe we'll see you voted first in the future!

Lorenzo Washington
Information: You were voted second in the Supervisor of the Month title. You are a brilliant supervisor, keep up the hard work and you'll progress with ease.

Keep up the good work,
Assistant Sheriff Christopher Kenway

Bulk Promotions

Congratulations to the following deputies for their hard work and dedication throughout the month of May!

Image Deputy Sheriff I -> Image Deputy Sheriff II
Logan Thornton
Mattias Stansfield
Matti Hadley
Charlene Raine

Image Deputy Sheriff II -> Image Deputy Sheriff III
Omar Shafiq
Jessica Taylor
Raymond Cooper
Romeo Davidson
Zofia Kaczmarek

Image Deputy Sheriff III -> Image Corporal
Jonathan Donaldson

Closing Words

There you go, you've made it to the end! Thank you for reading this months newsletter, it's been an interesting month to say the least. I wasn't expecting to have written and constructed this on my own but hey ho, beggars can't be choosers and I am thankful to be in the position where I am. I am looking forward to the future of this Department, because I know where it can be and where I want it to be.
My thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to his newsletter, as well as to all of you for your support and dedication you offer day in, day out. We know improvements need to be made, and they will be made- very soon indeed.

Once again, congratulations to all awardees, you've earned this recognition and I hope you enjoy the benefits you've been rewarded.

On behalf of the Executive and Command Staff teams, have a great month and we'll have another newsletter for you at the same time, same place on the 1st of August.

Assistant Sheriff Christopher Kenway
Director of Operational Support
San Andreas County Sheriff's Office

Spoiler: show
When Jim and Anderson still get the newsletter out on time, after losing two ES members.
No but seriously shoutout to Jim for picking up the massive slack.

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Department Head
Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since 2016.
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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Faye Delgado-Arnett » July 1st, 2018, 4:21 am


Sheriff Faye Delgado-Arnett

Head of Staff and Departmental Operations
Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since August 2011.

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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Mark Finn » July 1st, 2018, 4:22 am


Deputy Sheriff II, Mark Finn

ESU - Commander of Operations
Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since 2017.

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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Grant Weston » July 1st, 2018, 4:32 am

Deputy Sheriff Grant Weston
Commander of HSIU
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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Dennis Shelby » July 1st, 2018, 4:42 am

Great! Congratulations to everyone!

Master Deputy Dennis Shelby

Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since June 2018.
Parking Enforcement Unit - Supervisor
Weapon Licensing Unit - Licensing Supervisor
Field Training Unit
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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Noah Arnett » July 1st, 2018, 5:09 am

My face when Permanent Detectives aren't discussed in the ES/CS meeting and I've to wait another month. Fuck you too Anderson.
State of San Andreas — "Liberty and Justice Under Law."

Former Sheriffs Lieutenant Noah Elliot Arnett
Supervisory Staff Director & Special Weapons Team Commander

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Retired High Command
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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Jake Anderson » July 1st, 2018, 5:17 am

Noah Arnett wrote:My face when Permanent Detectives aren't discussed in the ES/CS meeting and I've to wait another month. Fuck you too Anderson.

My face when it's a discussion I'm saving for Executive Staff

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Department Head
Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since 2016.
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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Noah Arnett » July 1st, 2018, 5:26 am

Jokes aside, kudos to you man. You've proven to me you can take some appropriate decisions concerning this faction. A set standard on In Character academies, In Character roll calls and more proper individuals in Executive Staff and Command Staff ranks is an eye candy right here. Amazing newsletter. I'm still waiting to see on your assessment of each supervisor in the faction as that made me curious even for myself and I'm happy to be where I am.

Congratulations once more.
State of San Andreas — "Liberty and Justice Under Law."

Former Sheriffs Lieutenant Noah Elliot Arnett
Supervisory Staff Director & Special Weapons Team Commander

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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Thomas Wertz » July 1st, 2018, 5:40 am

Congrats to everyone!

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Deputy Sheriff
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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Samuel Martinez » July 1st, 2018, 7:06 am

Glad to hear about the new ways academies and roll-calls will be handled. Congrats to every1 who got promoted and won an award.
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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Dane Kasprowicz » July 1st, 2018, 7:12 am

Contented to look at all them changes being slowly implemented for a better faction, congratulations.
Deputy Sheriff Dane Kasprowicz
Administrative Services Bureau; (R&T) Field Training Unit

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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Bradley Wayne » July 1st, 2018, 7:41 am

Congratulations everyone. The news about IC roll calls and academies is wonderful. Next up is interviews.



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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Romeo Davidson » July 1st, 2018, 7:56 am

congrats ppl

RETIRED Deputy Sheriff III Romeo Davidson
Ex - Recruitment Unit - Junior Recruitment Officer
Ex - Traffic Enforcement Unit - Junior Traffic Officer
Ex - Weapon Licensing Unit - Licensing Officer
Ex - Field Training Unit - Field Training Deputy
EX- Rifle Qualified

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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Charley Copperfield » July 1st, 2018, 8:11 am

Congratulations all.

Former Deputy Sheriff (Bonus I) Charley Copperfield

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Serving the State since June 2018.

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Re: June Newsletter

Postby Jim Arroyo » July 1st, 2018, 8:30 am

Congratulations to everyone! June was a good month, despite some setbacks.

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