Charley Copperfield - Reinstatement

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Charley Copperfield - Reinstatement

Postby Charley Copperfield » June 29th, 2019, 12:56 pm

- Please read THIS topic before continuing -


| 1. Personal Information
    1.1 Full Name(incl. middle names): Charley Copperfield
    1.2 Date of Last Employment: August 8th, 2018
    1.3 Discharging Deputy: Assistant Sheriff Evelyn Lockhart

| 2. Questions (IC)
    2.1 What was the reason for your discharge?:
    Personal Resignation

    2.2 What was your previous rank?:
    Deputy Sheriff (Bonus I)

    2.3 What was your highest rank achieved in any Agency?:
    Deputy Sheriff (Bonus I)

    2.4 Why do you wish to reinstate? (Minimum 200 words.):
    I wish to reinstate to continue my duties as a Deputy in the San Andreas Sheriff's Office and my duty as a Traffic Deputy back in TED. I had to leave the department for about a year due to some family issues. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and I had to take her to Germany for treatment. I came back from Germany about a week ago and I'd like to join back the Sheriff's Office to continue my duties. It's always been the job I loved doing and I'm more than happy to continue doing it. I've contributed a lot of effort in the department and I'm still keen on contributing more effort. I wish to be able to reinstate to fulfill my duty & passion for this department as a Deputy again. That's the main reason why I wish to reinstate back in the San Andreas Sheriff's Office.

    ((OOC: I had to resign back in August because I knew that I'd be very busy with my last year in high school. Now that I'm done with the year, and it's summer break, I'm more than happy to reinstate back in the faction and I wish that I get the chance to continue roleplaying here.))

| 3. Additional Information (OOC)
    3.1 Master Account: Charley2001
    3.2 RCRP Forum Name: Charley.
    3.3 Previous LEO Characters: N/A

| 4. Other (IC/OOC)
    4.1 - Notice By Signing below I hereby agree that I still agree to section VI of the recruitment application referenced here and that I am ((Or my character is)) responsible for my own actions, and that I can be fired at anytime ((ICly or OOCly)) for any reason given by the Command Staff or Executive Staff.
    4.2 Other Comments / Questions: ((If this is accepted, I'd like to have a name-change for a new start.))
    4.3 Signature: C. Copperfield

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Re: Charley Copperfield - Reinstatement

Postby Albert Holmes » June 29th, 2019, 2:20 pm

Please go here and copy over your information there.

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