[SACSO] Reinstatement Information

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[SACSO] Reinstatement Information

Postby SA County Sheriff's Office » September 21st, 2017, 1:49 am


If you were previously employed by this Department, or any which are listed below;
  • San Andreas State Police
  • Red County Sheriff's Department
  • Red County Police Department
  • Bone County Sheriff's Department
  • and/or San Andreas State Troopers
then you may be eligible to reinstate in to the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office. In the case where you were Honorably Discharged with no future grievance from your employer at the time - you may apply for a reinstatement. However, if your discharge was a dishonorable one then you must go through a Disciplinary Hearing first of all to ensure that any previous underlying issues have been addressed. Please check the following requirements before applying for a reinstatement.

Reinstatement Requirements
You must have no criminal charges, regardless of severity. (i.e. Misdemeanour or any class of felony.)
Your health mentally, and physically must be at an acceptable level.
You must have reached a rank above Deputy Sheriff Cadet.
If your discharge was honorable, please leave seven days before requesting a reinstatement.
If your discharge was dishonorable, please leave fourteen days before requesting a reinstatement.
If your reinstatement was rejected for any reason, please do not re-apply within seven days.
PLEASE NOTE: Previous employment does not guarantee in any way re-employment.
Reinstatements do not have a set time limit, some are trickier than others so please be patient.
If for any reason you fail to meet the requirements of anything shown above, or wish to request an early reinstatement within the timescales shown above, please report to our State Headquarters in Dillimore and request to speak to any Sergeant who will be able to deal with your request.

What happens when my Reinstatement is accepted?
At the point of your reinstatement being accepted, you will be invited to speak to any member of the Supervisory Staff to discuss any changes to the Department in your absence, as well as show you around the Office once more and issue your equipment. At this point you will perform your oath and be reminded of the values kept by a Deputy Sheriff.

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