[Revocation] Michael Sharf

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[Revocation] Michael Sharf

Postby Bo McDermott » December 1st, 2018, 3:41 pm

Weapon Licensing Unit

| Deputies Information |


1.1 Deputies Name: Bo McDermott
1.2 Deputies Rank: Sergeant
1.3 Position in Weapon Licensing Unit (if applicable): Director

| Revocation Information |2.1 Name of Permit Holder: Michael Sharf
2.2 Firearm Permit Type: FCP-A
2.3 Reason of Revocation: Revoked by SAIB
2.4 Brief Description of the Incident: Committing felonies

2.5 Signature:

| Command Section |3.1 Reviewed by: Bo McDermott
3.2 Signature:

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