November Newsletter

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November Newsletter

Postby Jake Anderson » December 1st, 2017, 12:00 am


Opening Words

Howdy ladies and gentlemen,
This long month has finally come to a close, as we prepare to push into the month of December and the hectic weather, and festivities that follow with these winter months, I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication. As the month of December rolls in, so do the holidays. During this month I will be lifting the activity requirements from one duty report every five days to one duty report every 10 days. As much as I appreciate everyone's hard work and dedication, I'd would rather y'all focus on spending time with family and friends than the SACSO. So starting December 1st and going through til' December 15th the activity requirements will be eased to the requirements listed above. Consider this your Christmas gift from the Executive Staff and myself!

As most of you know the previous Sheriff took an unexpected leave in the middle of the month, luckily, I figured he was going to take his leave sooner or later and prepared for the worst-case scenario. While there are still some rough spots here and there, these rough spots should be smoothed out within the next month or so. In Walker's stead, there will be changes within the department. Starting off I will be around much more than he was, and I'm always able to be contacted through the forums or through discord (Which I recommend that everyone have.)

Moving on something that's already been put in place is more regular Command Staff meetings, this is to ensure that there is communication between the Command and Executive Staff. Something that is planned in the future is opening these upper-bracket meetings to the lower ranking brackets, as I said when I first became Sheriff is I will be more transparent than prior leadership, it's important that the lower brackets understand what is going on behind the scenes and that they're able to give their input and thoughts into as well.

With the winter months comes the winter weather. I've gotten in contact with our vehicle supplier, and the Sheriff's Office will be leasing out several FBI Ranchers and Rangers to hold us through these winter months, half of our fleet will be replaced by FBI Ranchers and Rangers. Departmental Regulations on these vehicles will be posted at a later date. We will still have some cruisers and we will be sure to keep a little bit of every variant. This move is to keep not only the Deputies but the citizens of San Andreas safe as we operate this winter.

To finish up the opening of the newsletter I'd like to go ahead and thank the Executive Staff and Command Staff on their hard work and dedication on the newsletter so that we can get it out faster and more efficient. If you have any questions comments or concerns please shoot me a PM or a poke.

Sheriff Deacon Bohannon

CiT Assignments

Due to the recent departures and staffing changes within the Command Staff, the Executive Staff decided that it was time to open the command in training (CiT) scheme. The CiT scheme was open for all serving members of the supervisory staff, in total we received 5 applications, 3 of which were successful in gaining an interview and 3 were successful in that stage and are now Staff Sergeant CiTs.

Over the next month or so all of these new CiTs will be expected to complete the rigorous scheme designed to teach them the ropes when it comes to being a member of the command staff. At the end of the training period, should they be successful they will become fully fledged Lieutenant's and will be the driving force behind the day to day running of this department.

I'd like to welcome you to congratulate Craig Moyles, Mason Nadler, and Jess Kenway in being inducted into the CiT scheme.

Supervisory Staff

Over the past week or so there have been various changes to the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office one of them being the Director of the Supervisory Team role. I have been given the pleasure of being director and have already addressed a few long standing issues with the team. That being said there have also been some major changes to the structure of the supervisory team. Two Sergeant's, Mason Nadler & Jess Kenway have been assigned the rank of 'Staff Sergeant'. They will act as senior supervisor's guiding the current crop of Sergeants/SiTs towards becoming the best possible team we can assemble. Bo Trixie will remain as our Master Sergeant and continue with his current role, alongside CIU, as my deputy director. Since my appointment as Director, I have made a few new staff additions which I felt were necessary to the Supervisory Team, four of which (Mike Miller, Dean Everett, Brett Carson & Omar Freeman) are SiT's. I'll be monitoring their progress over the foreseeable future, hopefully molding them into the perfect Sergeant's.

((Over the festive month I've put guidelines into place which the Supervisory Team will begin to enforce. The main guideline being roleplay within the Sheriff's Office. Roleplay is something which has always been an issue with this organization and probably always will be however Sergeant's have begun to restrict the usage of teamspeak communication. I feel as if restricting comm channel usage will enhance roleplay alongside creating more engagement with not only ourselves but the public aswell. I'm positive that not only Supervisors, Command & Executive Staff, but the whole Sheriff's Office will knock this new procedure out of the park!))

Finally for those who are interested, I can inform you all that SiT applications will be re-opening mid-December once I've established more of a foundation for the team.

I'd like to wish everybody the best of luck over the festive period as that tends to be the organization's most active/busiest period. If anybody would like to contact me regarding anything to do with the Supervisory Team you're always welcome to send me an email or contact me via telephone on 111-3-111.


Captain Michael Gallagher,
Director of the Supervisory Team.

Executive Staff Promotions

When I became Sheriff of the Sheriff’s Office I brought up with me two members of the Office who were more than able to handle the responsibilities of the Executive Staff. At this moment I have decided to move them both Albert Holmes and Jason Rowland off their acting period. On top of that I’ve decided who my Undersheriff will be. My new Undersheriff will be Jason Rowland, Rowland has shown extensive dedication and hard work towards the department since we have moved into the Executive Staff. Granted, Albert Holmes and Elijah Walters both put in a lot of work into the Office, but out of all three of them I believe that Rowland is the most fitting for the position. So with that being said, congratulations to the new Undersheriff of the San Andreas County Sheriff’s Department, Jason Rowland!

I’d also like to bring up Captain Gallagher and Lieutenant Vicks, both putting in massive amounts of work in their own sectors of the Sheriff’s Office, and work like this will not go unnoticed, both of these members of the Command Staff will receive promotions to their next rank respectively. Both these positions will be acting of course, just to make sure both of these individuals can handle the heat per say. So congratulations to Captain Vicks and Major Gallagher.

Sheriff Deacon Bohannon

Employees of the Month

Deputy of the Month
Every month we recognise the Deputy that we feel has put the most effort in, and has gone beyond the line of duty multiple times during the month.

Deputy of the Month
This award is given to Josh Hutchinson who has performed the best out of the Non-Commissioned bracket throughout the month of November.

The month of November has been an interesting month, to say the least. During the chaos of it, all our deputies have been working tirelessly to maintain the daily operations side of our Office. I'm here to recognize the tireless work of one specific individual that has gone above and beyond to ensure that this month was not a bust. This deputy has worked tirelessly within the Divisions he represents. I'd like to personally congratulate Deputy Sheriff II Josh Hutchinson. His efforts to push through with the FTU was no small feat. He was the reason the Field Training Unit's induction happened as quickly and orderly as it did. He's kept up with the Training Report Cards for each individual Deputy Sheriff Generalist. Lastly, he's shown that this will not stop him from continuing his daily fieldwork keeping our Sate of San Andreas safe during the busy hours of the day.
Supervisor of the Month
It is easier for a NCO to be recognised for their duties, as a Sergeant has to consistently do Supervisory work which can easily go unnoticed. However, we take this moment within the newsletter to recognise the best Supervisor of the month, who has performed outstandingly in the field, and administratively.

Sergeant of the Month
This award is given to Mike Miller who has performed the best out of the Supervisory bracket throughout the month of November.

As for Supervisor of the Month I've made quite an unorthodox decision in Mike Miller. Despite being an SiT for the majority of the month he's portrayed to me nothing but excellence. Field work is always solid when it comes to all of my Supervisor's however he's gone above and beyond with administration duties. Since being granted the role of a supervisor he has taken to it as if he's been here before and I'm really proud of what he's been able to achieve in such a short time period.

Employee Stats

Employee Statistics

Executive Staff - 4 (3.51%) +0.28%
Image Sheriff - 1 (0.88%) -0.20%
Image Undersheriff - 0 (0.00%) -1.08%
Image Assistant Sheriff - 3 (2.63%) +1.56%

Command Staff - 3 (2.63%) -2.74%
Image Major - 0 (0.00%) +/- 0.00%
Image Captain - 1 (0.88%) -0.20%
Image Lieutenant - 2 (1.75%) -2.55%

Supervisory Staff - 14 (12.28%) +3.68%
Master Sergeant - 1 (0.88%) -0.20%
Staff Sergeant CiT - 0 (0.00%) +/- 0.00%
Staff Sergeant - 2 (1.75%) +1.75%
Sergeant - 6 (5.26%) -1.19%
Corporal (Sergeant in Training) - 5 (4.39%) +3.31%

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers - 27 (23.68%) -9.65%
Corporal (Det III) - 9 (7.89%) -2.86%
Deputy Sheriff III (Det II) - 18 (15.79%) -6.79%

Junior Non-Commissioned Officers - 44 (38.60%) -6.56%
Deputy Sheriff II (Det I) - 18 (15.79%) -3.57%
Deputy Sheriff I - 26 (22.81%) -3.00%
Deputy Sheriff Generalist - 18 (15.79%) +15.79%

Civilian Roles - 4 (3.51%) -0.79%
Parking Enforcement Operator - 4 (3.51%) -0.79%

Overall Employees - 114 (+ 21)
Plus and minus statistics are as per previously released newsletter.

Seizure Stats

Firearms Seized

9mm Pistol: Two (2)
Desert Eagle: Five (5)
Silenced Pistol: Seven (7)

Shotgun: Three (3)
Sawn-Off Shotgun: One (1)

Submachine Guns
MAC-10(Micro Uzi): Six (6)
TEC-9: Three (3)
MP5: One (1)

Assault Rifles
AK-47: One (1)
M4: One (1)

Country Rifle: One (1)
Substances Seized

Cocaine: 265 grams
Weed: 2871 grams
Heroin: 00 grams
Value of Seizures: $2,084,550 USD.
*All seizure statistics are correct as of 18:25, 30th November 2017.

Bulk Promotions

Due to the recent change in the leadership the changes that we planned to make to the points system of which promotions would be based on was put on hold. We will be discussing the new points system in the upcoming command meeting, hopefully by the next newsletter we will either implement the points system or some form of alternative.
Image Deputy Sheriff I -> Image Deputy Sheriff II
Sean Sticks
Samuel King
Patrick Rayes
Mark Harding
Katherine Kramer
Daniel Gomez
Daniella Peralez

Image Deputy Sheriff II -> Image Deputy Sheriff III
Ximena Villanueva
Tyler Hansen
Theresa Fitzgerald
Spencer Clifford
Mac Davenport
Josh Hutchinson
Denzel Markael
Samantha Hall

Image Deputy Sheriff III -> Image Corporal
Thomas Crawford
Noah Arnett

Divisional Spotlight - SWAT


The Special Weapons and Tactics team is a San Andreas County Sheriff's Office support unit that provides a variety of specialized services throughout the state. This unit is tasked with numerous crime-suppression assignments including providing crime suppression details, responding to high-risk barricaded situations, hostage situations, warrant service and assisting department personnel in solving major crimes, with the common goal to reduce the incidence and the fear of crime. It is one of the biggest and most important units of the department.

Under Lieutenant Jason Kennedy's leadership, the way this unit operates, both internally and externally, has changed drastically. Kennedy took the responsibility to build a competent leadership team for the unit and align tasks for the commanding personnel, from handling unit recruitment to scheduling and hosting multiple training sessions. The core value of the unit under Former Lieutenant Kennedy stood in "training." — he was the one to enforce mandatory weekly trainings within the unit, a tradition that still lives on. One of the most important changes under Kennedy was the foundation of internal squads of operatives headed by senior operatives, which led to a competitive, yet teamwork oriented ambition to be seen amongst operatives. Currently, the unit only hosts two squads, namely the Reaper Squad and the Nightstalker Squad. The Reaper Squad was founded by former Deputy Dianne Lopez and current Squad Leader, Deputy Mac Davenport, although this squad has particularly seen numerous leadership changes — Deputy Noah Arnett headed the squad before the current leader, after the founder's departure. The Nightstalker Squad was founded by Deputy Tyler Hansen and it is currently still headed by him, which makes Deputy Hansen the most long-standing squad leader. Kennedy's leadership gave SWAT autonomy and this unit has, once again, seen stability during his era, something that was vital for the unit's existence at the time.

Numerous operatives have advanced to commanding positions within the unit, and therefore, after Lieutenant Jason Kennedy's departure, the unit has seen Corporal Dean Everett (who was apart of the Reaper Squad at the time), be the newly assigned Commander of the unit. Upon his promotion, Everett took the meritorious position of First Sergeant within the squad, and also made the pick to promote Deputy Noah Arnett (former Reaper Squad Leader and long-standing SWAT commanding member) as the Deputy Commander. Under their leadership, the unit is actively maintaining weekly trainings, recruitment requirements for the unit have improved, and the work ethic of SWAT, overall, has been noticeably increasing — the SWAT team under Everett and Arnett was the one to be on the Montgomery bombings of 2017, where three out of four IEDs (improvised explosive device) have exploded within town limits, but there were zero casualties. Also, the unit has publicly expressed support for war veteran affairs & rights and has consistently made donations to numerous non-profit organizations working for this cause (Red County Charity Association, Bone County Patriotic Society, etc).

As an employee of the department, joining this unit is highly rewarding, as well as very challenging. Some benefits to motivate people to become an Operative within the department can be found below:

  • The requirement to join the unit is set at the rank of Deputy Sheriff II. We require our future members to be very familiarized with the day-by-day work of a peace officer, and this position ensures that all applicants are up to par on that level. However, deputies ranked as Deputy Sheriff Is can privately contact the SWAT Command Staff and express interest, dedication and the way they could especially be an asset to the team in order to receive an exception from this rule.
  • Bonus payment to the average salary. The average salary of an NCO is of $67,248.44 yearly. In our department, SWAT team members receive a flat annual fee of $650 in addition to their base salaries. Furthermore, this bonus increases up to $1250~ for those who take up on extra responsibilities within the unit (becoming certified as a tactical medic, negotiator, marksman, tactical pilot or bomb squad technician).
  • Deputies apart of the SWAT team can be assigned over-performing certified weapon systems defined internally, unlike others. Also, deputies apart of the SWAT team have the ability to patrol under the George David call-sign and opt out for a semi-automatic machine gun (( MP5 )) in replacement for their Shotgun or assault rifle. George David units are tactically recognized Operatives within the field and deputies operating such a unit are required to carry their tactical gear in their designated squad cars at all times.
  • SWAT gives the unique opportunity for employees to be trained and specialized within the most desired and necessary field in most departments — urban combat tactics. Most Instructors and senior personnel of the unit are skilled and heavily trained individuals with years of military, combat and tactical experience, as well as numerous encounters and trainings within other known departments across the country. For example, there are Operatives within the unit who have received federal training in conjunction with extra-departmental interests and exchange of information.
  • This is a unit where military experience is heavily necessary. Employees possessing previous military experience (have previous service during their lifetime within the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force) are encouraged and recommended for this unit.

(( We aim to portray a realistic and role-play oriented tactical team within the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, since we feel this has been lacking on Red County Role Play for quite a while. It is important to us that we offer as realistic of an experience as possible. We believe that this boost in immersion will leave all parties, especially criminal role-players, with a pleasant experience. We understand that there may have been issues in the past and with that being said, all of the current members are committed to making drastic improvements with the goal of reaching new milestones not only in the faction but also on the server. We want to inspire a new era of police role-play. Any suggestions or criticism can be forwarded to Dean Everett or Noah Arnett's inbox, where it will be considered by us. ))

Executive Staff Message

Jason Rowland wrote:Well it is safe to say that November was quite an eventful month, we saw the departure of Sheriff Thomas Walker which means that Undersheriff Deacon Bohannon was appointed as Sheriff. During the month of November the role of the Director of the Supervisory Team was handed over to Captain Michael Gallagher who as outlined in the previous newsletter brings with him a wealth of experience. During the few weeks that the Captain has been the director, he has made many promising changes with the supervisory team and we wish him the best of luck with his appointment.

Which leads me on to my appointment as an Assistant Sheriff, this is my first time serving as an executive member of staff and I must say it's rather different to what I first anticipated it would be like. When Sheriff Bohannon approached me and asked me if I would like to be in his executive staff I was thrilled and excited about my new promotion. However, that excitement soon disappeared as during the time of which I was offered Assistant Sheriff there was a lot of unsettle within the department due to change of leaders and some of the decisions that the Sheriff made, which meant it was just a constant flow of questions and reassurance.

However, we are now two and a bit weeks into the new leadership and I personally think it's going rather well, we welcome 13 new academy students who will hopefully graduate on the 2nd of December. The activity increase that this department has seen is unreal, we are averaging 20/30 people online most days with a couple of dips which is to be expected, and I personally hope that this continues as it makes being in-game so much more fun compared to being the only unit on.

If you have any questions about anything then the best way to contact me is on the forums or via discord.

Assistant Sheriff Jason Rowland

Elijah Walters wrote:A quiet month in terms of operational moves, we've seen some huge changes throughout the Office from the top down. We've seen the resignation of our Sheriff, Thomas Walker and the appointment of the new Sheriff, Deacon Bohannon. I have confidence within the new leadership however I have not been around very much at all over the course of the last month due to commitments outside of the State. It's nice to see our new recruits growing out on the field when I do squeeze in the occasional patrol time and it's warming to see how they're developing. I'd like to remind everyone as they find their footing in this Office that you will find yourself having friendships with some deputies and some of you may find you do not get along with some other on a personal level, let it be made clear that the San Andreas County Sheriff Office is always your main priority, not that of your friends, we're all a family here - but enforcing the laws of the State must come first. As we move into the winter months, we've seen a huge increase in gun crime, leveling those we saw in 2015 whilst the State Police still had protection over the state. I'd like to urge all deputies from our Executive Staff down to those whom hold the Generalist position to remain vigilant at all times. On a brighter note, we're looking for volunteers for the Christmas holidays, pay will be extended at a 125% rate. I'll be back within the State full time this month and hope to see all our new and old faces out on the field, until next month!

Yours sincerely,


Elijah Walters
Assistant Sheriff

Albert Holmes wrote:It's been an interesting month, to say the least. With the departure of Sheriff Walker, the promotion of the new Sheriff D. Bohannon, and the appointments of both myself and Assistant Sheriff Rowland have definitely turned some heads around the Sheriff's Office. I'm proud to say that through all the chaos that has happened, we're making it by just fine. Some new faces are popping up in the Supervisory Team, as well as a few old faces that I've seen in the previous department. I'm thrilled to say I'm happy with where we are going and what we have coming up in the months to come. One point I'd like to make is my appointment to the Field Services Bureau, with the merger of Metropolitan and Field Services, SWAT will remain all the same. I trust in the command staff of SWAT to make the necessary choices they need without my direct overwatch. Patrol Services is on hold now until the upcoming Command Meeting, we will be discussing the future of that Unit and such so please just continue to bear with us on that topic.

As always I tend to keep things short sweet and to the point, congrats to the Generalist's for making it this far in the department, I hope to see you excel as you progress further in the department. I'm like to personally thank all of you for the hard work you're putting into this Office and remember that we would not be here if it wasn't for the continued perseverance of the lower brackets.

Thank you for reading,
Assistant Sheriff Albert Holmes

Closing Words

During the past month this department has seen one of the biggest changes possible within in a government agency, the change of leadership. On November the 16th 2017 we saw the rather quick departure of Sheriff Thomas Walker, the Ex-Sheriff decided that he needed a change in career and that law enforcement was no longer for him. Upon his departure the Undersheriff at the time Deacon Bohannon was appointed as the new Sheriff, since his appointment as Sheriff, he has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the smooth transition and has begun making changes to improve the department.

Without the support that the Executive Staff have received from all of you, we'd have probably found ourselves with a new department covering the county or a complete new Executive team so we all thank you for your dedication. We are now fast approaching Christmas which means that I expect most of you will be taking some form of leave to go and spend some much earned time with your family. The Executive Staff have put aside some money left over in the budget for a Christmas party, the details and location etc are still being finalised so more about this will be released at a later date.

Once again thank you all.

Assistant Sheriff Jason Rowland

Sheriff Jake Anderson
Department Head
Dedicated to your safety, the desire to serve your community,
Integrity, Leadership, Partnership, Service, Responsibility,
Serving the State since 2016.
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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Alexander King » December 1st, 2017, 12:00 am

smally with a small dick

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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Ryan Everett » December 1st, 2017, 12:00 am

Well done everyone!

Deputy Sheriff (Bonus I) Ryan Everett

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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Nicholas Peircen » December 1st, 2017, 12:00 am

Robert Zoltan wrote:smally with a small dick

Zoltan can you not.

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Re: November Newsletter

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small dick smally

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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Kevin Hunt » December 1st, 2017, 12:01 am


Gang and Narcotics Detective Sergeant Kevin Hunt

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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Brett Carson » December 1st, 2017, 12:04 am

Congratulations to everyone.

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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Noah Arnett » December 1st, 2017, 12:04 am

Congratulations to everyone. Cool divisional spotlight.
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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Dane Kasprowicz » December 1st, 2017, 12:05 am

Deputy Sheriff Dane Kasprowicz
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Re: November Newsletter

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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Harry Meadows » December 1st, 2017, 12:07 am

Deputy Sheriff II Harry Meadows

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Public Affairs Unit - Deputy Director

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Re: November Newsletter

Postby Elliot Hoyt » December 1st, 2017, 12:09 am

Great letter, congratulations to everyone for a good month.


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Re: November Newsletter

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That moment when you try to post your last reinstatement answers but you actually post someone else's.

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Re: November Newsletter

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Jason Rowland wrote:
Robert Zoltan wrote:smally with a small dick

Zoltan can you not.

:lol: :lol:

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Re: November Newsletter

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10/10 would read again

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