[FCP-A Renewal] Natalia Harris

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Natalia Harris
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[FCP-A Renewal] Natalia Harris

Postby Natalia Harris » August 1st, 2019, 2:10 pm

Weapon Licensing Unit

| Section I - Personal Information |(1.1) First Name: Natalia
(1.2) Last Name: Harris
(1.3) Gender: Female

(1.4) Date of Birth: 25/05/1996
(1.5) Age: 23
(1.6) Nationality: American

(1.7) Residential Address: Pecker Trailer 1
(1.8) Contact Number: 743743

| SSection II - Attachment of Documents |(2.1) Photocopy of government-issued identification card:
(( Attach a screenshot of your '/licenses' in-game in the spoiler below along with /time, DO NOT edit the SS. ))
(2.1.1) Attachment: show

(2.2) (Optional) Photocopy of government-issued badge:
(( Attach a screenshot of your '/showbadge' in-game in the spoiler below along with /time, DO NOT edit the SS. ))
(2.2.1) Attachment: show

| Section III - Permit Information |(3.1) When was the last time you renewed your Personal Firearm Permit?:
Haven't renewed once since I got the license.
(3.2) Why do you wish to renew the validity of your Personal Firearm Permit? (Minimum of 50 words):
Red County is a dangerous county where crime is a usual thing. Since I got my license, I've had to put my weapon in use only once. A firearm is the best way to defend yourself and anyone around you. Everyone gets scared from it and it is the only thing that scares everyone. Bats are easy to get so someone can easily assault or rob you if you dont have a way to protect yourself.
(3.3) Have you used your firearm before? if so, for what purpose?:
Yes. I was driving around on my bike and i spotted two guys trying to rob one individual with bats. I approached the scene and hopped off my bike. The individuals noticed my firearm so they said they'd leave the guy alone. I pretended I trusted them, so I drove in a circle around the block, and when I got back to the victim, they two guys where still there. I hopped off once again and withdrew my firearm. Told them to drop the bats and lay on the ground, so I could secure them and call the police. In that immediate second, they both rushed me so I shot two warning shots, they started running away from me, when an SBI agent showed up and went chasing them. As a result, no one got hurt, but it would've gone differently if I weren't there holding a firearm to protect myself and the victim.
(3.4) Do you own any firearms at the moment? if so, what firearms do you have in your possession?
Yes, I own a Glock 17 and is currently secured in my flat since my license has expired. ((Desert Eagle))

| Section IV - Declaration of Liability |
It is the responsibility of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office to include a background check of all applicants for a firearm permit. This check could involve interviews with family members, neighbors, or co-workers, past and present. This check will include a check of your mental and physical well being both now and in the past. The law allows us to check complete criminal history, which includes local, state, and federal checks. Your signature below allows us to search any and all sources which contain information that would allow complete and accurate background investigation.

I also certify that all information on my firearm permit, and on this background information sheet, is true and accurate, knowing that any falsified information could disqualify me from obtaining the permit.

I also certify that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office has the right to revoke my Personal Firearm Permit for any circumstance, with legal authority. If I fail to abide by state laws, or any regulations and protocols that are set out by the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, I hereby consent to the revocation of my Personal Firearm Permit.

(( I also certify that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office has the right to revoke my Personal Firearm Permit with a valid Out of Character reason. ))

I hereby release the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office and its employees from any and all liability arising from the above search for information. I have read and understood the statements under this declaration and authorize the Sheriff's to conduct an extensive background investigation.


| ((Section V - Out of Character Information)) |(7.1) RCRP Master Account Name: EggsyMM
(7.2) RCRP Forum Name: EggsyMM

(7.3) Account Names:
  • EggsyMM
(7.4) Level 3+ Character (/stats):

(7.4.1) Attachment: show

* Note that you must have atleast one other level 3 character before you apply.

(7.5) Have you ever applied for a firearm permit before?: Yes

(7.5.1) If yes, what happened to your previous firearm permit?: Expired

(7.6) Do you agree to the firearm permit protocols laid out in this thread:


(7.7) Do you agree that the Weapon Licensing Unit Command Team, SACSO Command Staff, and SACSO Executive Staff reserve the revoke your firearm permit at any time, for any reason, whether it is IC or OOC?:


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Re: [FCP-A Renewal] Natalia Harris

Postby Riley Lynch » August 6th, 2019, 8:46 pm


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