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Postby Lucy Summers » June 23rd, 2019, 7:16 pm


Written by Major Lucy Summers (BN#754).

Today, the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office held a graduation ceremony for nine new deputies who will be joining the department on a full-time basis. This marks the ninth academy of the Sheriff's Office and the most important one as it has been announced this will be the last time the department holds a ceremony, announcing that the San Andreas State Police will soon take over operations.
Cadets proudly march into the ceremony hall.

Cadets were put through their paces during several gruelling weeks of intense physical and mental training in what is described as a rewarding but tough-going recruitment scheme. In every batch, we always recognise the cadets that excelled the best in training and as such, have listed these below. Well done to the following for exceeding the expectations of your mentors!

High Achiever
Congratulations to Alexia Brooks.
This cadet achieved the highest results out of their batch and as such, has been recognised.

Most Improved
Congratulations to Sonny Stanley.
This cadet has shown to be the most improved in their batch and as such, has been awarded.

Members of the public looked on as cadets were awarded their new ranks inside the ceremony hall at the Dillimore Sheriff's Office Headquarters, members of the executive staff including Assistant Sheriff Nicholas Peircen and Assistant Evelyn Lockhart congratulated cadets on their success.
Cadet Alexia Brooks collecting her ribbon for Highest Achiever.

A final well done to all cadets who will now be deployed in the county to protect and serve the people of San Andreas. Well done to Sonny Stanley, Ashley Whitfield, Lucas Brooks, Christopher McCarthy, Alexia Brooks, Connor Troit, Marianna Baros, Conn Moretta and Megan Schulz.

Protect and Serve. Return home safe each shift. Stay safe.
- XX/XX/2018

San Andreas County Sheriffs Office
Public Affairs Division
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