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Postby Lucy Summers » April 27th, 2019, 5:08 pm


Changes to Executive Staff
Written by 1st Lieutenant Lucy Summers (BN#754)

On the 15th April 2019, Sheriff Dominic McGarrett announced their retirement from the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office. Those who have worked alongside him will know how brilliant a leader he was considered. Colleagues and civilian staff took their time to congratulate Sheriff McGarrett on his leave and we wish him all the best for the future.

It was also announced that on the 18th April 2019, Assistant Sheriff Matthew Robinson would be stepping down and leaving the Sheriff's Office with immediate effect. We wish Matthew all the best and good luck in his future endeavours.

This could be considered a roller coaster of a week for the Executive Staff of the department as we see a multitude of changes take place with old faces returning and lengthy serviced staff leaving, however we're not strangers to our newly appointed Sheriff, Sheriff Faye Delgado-Arnett who was swore in as Ex-Sheriff McGarrett took his leave. Sheriff Delgado-Arnett plans to finally push through this lengthy transition to the San Andreas State Police and get back to the important things that are holding the department back.

Sheriff Delgado-Arnett is joined by another known face, Undersheriff Albert Holmes who has returned to aid the offices mission.

Assistant Sheriff Evelyn Lockhart commented on the recent changes.

"I think that they decided what was best for themselves and I'm happy they're doing what makes them happiest. In regards to the new Sheriff, I have worked with Sheriff Delgado for many years and I have nothing to dispute against them. I do believe they'll do a fine job due to their fantastic leadership skills.

The recent changes within the Executive Team were quite sudden and it has saddened me to watch two leaders leave, however, we will keep working and improving to contribute to the community."

As always, our priority is to protect and serve the people in the state of San Andreas and we will continue to push through and make this department work. We wish the Executive Staff good luck in the weeks to come and for what the future holds.

- 27/04/2019

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