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PRESS RELEASE #11 | Information Appeal

Postby Allyria Raven » April 14th, 2019, 8:59 pm


Written by Deputy Sheriff James Leopard (BN#417), Edited by Second Lieutenant Lucy Summers (BN#754)

On April 3rd 2019 at approximately 11:00pm deputies attempted to stop a white Yosemite, with two males inside, that had been reported armed by a member of the public. As this time they were believed to have been armed with high power Kalashnikov variant rifles. The initiating deputy called for backup from the Special Weapons and Tactics team to assist in a high risk felony stop. Upon the SWAT team's arrival the white Yosemite attempted to flee. After the suspects reached the Blueberry trucking depot they opened fire on the deputies killing one and wounding the other. At this time the families of both deputies would like to withhold their names from the public.

ImageSince the incident occurred an arrest warrant has been issued for one of the suspects. The San Andreas County Sheriff's Office would like to urge anyone who has information about Matthew Tillens to contact them as soon as possible. If you do see Matthew Tillens then it is advised that you do not approach him and contact law enforcement when safe to do so.

Matthew Tillens is described as a white male of average height and build. He is considered extremely armed and dangerous.

- 14APR2019

San Andreas County Sheriffs Office
Public Affairs
Image [email protected]
Image Dial 911, Ask for the Public Affairs Team.
Image 1 Crest Road, Dillimore, 91101, Office 314-1A

Disclaimer: This article was published by the Public Affairs Division of the San Andreas County Sheriffs Office. The team upholds the right to edit the article at any time, add information at any time and remove text from the article at any time. The article will be strictly moderated by Public Affairs. A No-Nonsense policy will be applied in which the COT has the right to delete any comment at any time at own discretion. Privacy of the readers is conform the San Andreas Legislation made by the San Andreas State Courts.

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